Check This Out: Jewelmint

I had a unique online jewelry shopping experience last week that I wanted to share with you, and now that the item has arrived—I can! But first, a little background on the concept behind Jewelmint is a new interactive, members only way to shop for a new piece of jewelry each month for just $29.99. Each handcrafted piece is designed by actress Kate Bosworth and her stylist Cher Coulter, then a small selection is presented to you based upon your personal style preferences after taking a brief style quiz. You pick one of the designs for the month from your personal showroom, and then it ships. It’s like having your own personal accessory stylist!

After filling out my style quiz, here was my personal showroom:

I had a hard time choosing between two of the designs, the Desire Rings and Poseidon Disc Necklace were both calling my name! In the end, I chose the necklace.

It’s really cool that they offer suggestions on what to wear with each piece too, and they’re right on the money. I received my necklace about a week later—and I could not be more pleased with it!

The quality of the necklace is fantastic! It’s constructed well, there’s a nice weight to it, and there’s nothing chintzy about it. I wore it the first chance I had, and I received so many compliments on it. I was so impressed with this service, that I’m recommending you take the quiz and see your personalized picks—even if you don’t buy anything! It might serve as some personal style inspiration, and I love that.

Each piece is produced in limited quantities—so they’re all unique, and you can skip any month you don’t want to purchase anything. Shipping is included in the $29.99 price, and if you can’t decide on just one piece for the month, you can always purchase another selection from your showroom. Très chic!

Availability:; $29.99 per selection

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  • Midnight Cowgirl

    I just received the Cairo rings and love them!

  • Amber

    Hi Midnight,

    NICE! I’m really happy with Jewelmint so far, can’t wait to see what the next picks are :)


  • Lisa

    Thanks for the info…. I just signed up…. beautiful jewelry!! Very hard to choose!

  • Amber

    You’re welcome, Lisa! It is kind of hard, isn’t it?

  • Will

    I too, have to rave about Jewelmint. I received the eros earrings and I am absolutely in awe. I can’t wait to see what I may have to choose from next month. I also was torn between the desire rings your selections were almost identical to mines. Happy decision making for next month. :-)