Check This Out: Secret Thinks Mean Stinks

I think every single one of us experienced some kind of torture from a Mean Girl at school when we were younger. While I wish I could say that it’s something you “grow out of”, it really isn’t—the Mean Girls just seem to get older! But things have really changed since I was in school; cyber-bullying didn’t exist and I never had to worry about if someone was plastering unpleasant things about me all over Facebook. Girls can be so mean to other girls!

So here’s something I think is really awesome that I wanted to share with you—the Mean Stinks program from Secret. Mean Stinks provides a fun, friendly online forum where teens are free to express themselves in a positive way and inspire other teens to celebrate fearlessness, too. By building teen confidence and assertiveness, Secret Mean Stinks hopes to empower girls to face the challenges of each day!

You can also…

  • Upload video apologies
  • Have a chance to win free T-shirts
  • Download an application to evaluate the kindness of your Facebook updates
  • Submit sticky situations
  • Post good graffiti on friends’ walls
  • Engage with experts

I might be far from a teen, but I posted on Mean Stinks this week, and you should too!

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