Review & Swatches: China Glaze Crackle Glaze Collection

I knew it was only a matter of time, it seems like everyone is doing it! But China Glaze went the whole nine yards with an entire collection of crackle-effect polishes with shades I wasn’t expecting to see. The Crackle Glaze Collection contains six colors that totally remind me of the 80’s, and I love it! I’m pretty sure I owned a few shirts in elementary school that had a combination of these colors—and the matching scrunchy socks too. How could I not like these?

Lightning Bolt — White Crackle
Black Mesh — Black Crackle
Broken Hearted — Pink Crackle
Cracked Concrete — Grey Crackle
Fault Line — Purple Crackle
Crushed Candy — Teal Crackle

Lightning Bolt with For Audrey

Crushed Candy with Snow (Crushed Candy looks like a For Audrey dupe, doesn’t it?)

Broken Hearted with Snow

Cracked Concrete with black

Black Mesh with For Audrey

Fault Line with Snow (I love the shimmer in this one!)

If Crushed Candy isn’t a For Audrey dupe, it’s pretty darn close! In order for these to work properly, you need some patience—something which apparently I don’t have a lot of. You have to wait for your base color to dry, and you need to give the Crackle Glaze about 5 minutes to work it’s magic before you apply a top coat, for best results. These are available this month at Sally Beauty Supply for individual purchase and in 3 pack color kits—which will include a base color, a crackle glaze (Black Mesh, Broken Hearted, or Crushed Candy) and a China Glaze Top Coat.

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