Is the SkinSonic Sonic Skincare System an Affordable Alternative to the Clarisonic?

It’s no secret that I’m an avid Clarisonic Mia fan, it’s fantastic for loosening debris on the face while cleansing for a deeper clean than a washcloth can provide. But sometimes a Clarisonic just isn’t in the budget—at $149, it’s definitely not a cheap date. Affordable alternatives are popping up everywhere, and I’ve been testing out the Sirius SkinSonic to see if it fits the bill.

The SkinSonic is a battery-powered facial cleansing system with five interchangeable heads; there are brushes for normal and sensitive skin, a hydration applicator, an exfoliation applicator, and a massage applicator. While I didn’t notice much of a benefit from the other applicators with the products I’m using, the brush was pretty effective. This isn’t a perfect Clarisonic dupe, you’ll see they still have their differences. 

There’s no doubt that the SkinSonic is powerful and affordable, and from a consumer standpoint—it might even seem as effective. I lack the ability to test it in a way that can show how much debris it removes versus the Clarisonic, but according to Sirius, the SkinSonic removes six times more makeup than traditional cleansing. As far as performance I can see and feel, I find it to be in the ballpark of the Clarisonic—but you’ll give up a few conveniences in exchange for a lower price point. If a Clarisonic is out of your reach, I think SkinSonic is an affordable alternative for a similar result.

Availability:, $49.95

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  • Celazome

    Does your skin feel the same after cleansing with the SkinSonic- noticeable enough to recommend over the Clarisonic?

  • Amber

    I think it feels just as clean, but hard to say if it actually is…

  • Pearlly

    has anyone else managed to test the SkinSonic? any comments?

    i’m still holding out getting the Clarisonic because of the cost. was considering other alternative such as the Olay Pro-X or the Pretika, essentially something with a brush head. am already using the Neutrogena Wave (which uses a pre-treated cotton pad and a vibratory movement) but i’m hoping to get better results with a brush head.

    was initially leaning towards the Olay Pro-X because of the cost and because i trust the Olay brand but reading about the lack of sonic technology now, i’m concerned about what it would do to my skin. i’m therefore now particularly interested in the difference in movement between the Clarisonic and the SkinSonic. does the lack of rotatory movements on the SkinSonic make a difference to comfort and effectiveness?

    if anyone else could comment on and confirm the effectiveness of the SkinSonic compared to the Clarisonic, would be much appreciated!

  • Amber

    Hi Pearlly,

    I know you asked for someone else to confirm, but while you’re waiting—I think there are several YouTube reviews out there for this. If anything, I think the Clarisonic’s movements are less jarring than SkinSonic and I do prefer the gentle rotation of the inner part of the brush on the Mia. I still think SkinSonic is a good alternative 😉

  • Sara

    I went to ordered a set of facial brush, and the service is completely awful!!!! Have not received a confirmation about purchase or shipping. It has been two weeks i have not received the device and left the 4 messages so far. Their customer service line is actually a voice box there is nobody answering the phone.

    Will never buy anything from this company!!!!!!