Review: Lady Speed Stick Fresh Infusions Antiperspirant & Deodorant

Here’s the second deodorant we’ve tried this month of three. While I’ve been using Degree Women motionSENSE, Kristin has been using the latest from Lady Speed Stick. Here’s what she had to say! —Amber

From the moment I removed the cap and took a whiff of this cherry blossom, freesia and light vanilla concoction—I was hooked! We’re not talking about some expensive perfume “created” by the newest pop star in a gaudy bottle with a $70 price tag here—I’m talking about a deodorant—Lady Speed Stick Fresh Infusions.

I haven’t used Lady Speed Stick since I was a teenager (let’s just say that was when New Kids on the Block was popular and leave it at that), having been persuaded by other brands that promised to stop hair from growing, reduce red bumps, be invisible, and so on. The Enchanted Cherry Blossom scent of this silky deodorant is so light and yet so elegant at the same time. Not only was I captivated by the fragrance, but the protection from perspiration was incredible! I swiped some on before a hardcore kickboxing class, thinking for sure I’d have the typical white chalky lines on my black sports bra by the time class was over, along with a not so dry feeling in my pits. Nope—the bra was still black—no residue, no wetness, and I walked out smelling like a rose. Well…better than a rose, more like Enchanted Cherry Blossom!

Price & Availability: about $2.99, mass retailers and drugstores

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  • Chris Taylor

    lol.. New Kids.. Daughter was a fan too!
    Lady Speed Stick is really a good product…. Thanks!!