Review & Swatches: In The Mood Color-Changing Nail Polishes For Spring

Even at the height of it’s heyday, I was never terribly crazy about mood lipstick. They always turned this obnoxious shade of fuchsia on me that was unlike any of the bright pinks I will now rock in my 30’s. But back then, I probably could have gotten behind this idea: mood nail polish. While it’s not a new concept, these are new spring colors from In The Mood. The brand currently makes 10 shades of polish that change color based on the temperature of your fingertips. Fun, right? I think so!

Naughty is a slightly shimmery coral orange (close to Pantone’s pick of Coral Rose for spring) that turns bright yellow with a little heat. That’s why the fingertips stay a little darker because the tip isn’t as warm as the nail bed. 

Guilty is a shimmery royal blue that changes to a regatta blue with heat. Regatta is one of Pantone’s fashion color picks for spring 2011!

Ditzy appears to be almost honeysuckle (another one of Pantone’s picks!), but winds up changing to a bubblegum pink with warmth.

These shades are definitely on-trend, so kudos to In The Mood for that. You’ll find that you need three coats to get complete coverage with these babies, and that once you start laying down the polish—you can’t tell for sure if coverage is even. In my opinion, the color is even—but because it starts changing to a lighter color in certain spots pretty quickly due to the warmth of your nail beds, it can be a little deceptive. Go with two coats, a thin third, and a nice glossy top coat for best results! I’m digging these, especially Naughty—the coral-orange and yellow combo is right on the money.

Price & Availability: $8 each,

An editorial sample was provided by the company and evaluated to determine our opinion of the product in this post. Please see the Disclosures page for further information regarding our policies for using editorial samples.
  • jumbly

    that’s pretty cool and the price isn’t too outlandish.

  • kristie

    This is such a cool idea. I hope these hit local stores like Sephora soon because I would snap them up in a heartbeat. Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful swatches.

  • Fanny

    I wish i could try these ! But they are not available here in France, what a pity.

  • shauna

    Very cool! I love how the tips are a different colour! I’ve never heard of the brand though; where can we find them?

  • Amber

    Hey Shauna, just their site :( They do offer shipping to Canada, but I think the price might be a little high!

  • deelirium

    Yeah, the price for the polish is ok, but shipping is another $7! I would buy for $8 total maybe.

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  • Vijaya

    I tried Hot Topic Mood Polishes before. They worked, but chipped like CRAZY. These might be interesting, though!

  • cassondra law

    those are adorable!!!!!!!!

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  • Victoria/EauMG

    I love the looks of these, ombre for the nails!

  • bloody frida

    I love these, but like someone already said, the shipping cost is way too high :(

  • Cynthia

    did you know you can use the shellac base coat and shellac topcoat — with any regular nail polishes – like any OPI or zoya or China Glaze. As long as you sandwich the color between the base coat and top coat — you don;t have to use the CND colors. CND has limited colors that are not so great. But- just use any of your favorite OPI or zoya — it WORKS THE SAME, LASTS 2 WEEKS. It’s amazing. CND just doesn’t have awesome colors at all.

  • Kim

    I absolutely luv these 3 new nail polish colors, especially Naughty. I’ve been trying to locate a color that matches my Birkis, and Naughty does it perfectly. Guilty and Ditzy are just as gorgeous and I will find, once I get them at home, places to to and show off my nails. Thanks In The Mood for some great new mood-changing colors. Respectfully, Kim