Spotlight On: NEOVA Skincare

Now that I’m at this stage of the skincare game in my mid-thirties, I’m freaking out about the decline of collagen production in my skin. My skin just isn’t bouncing back like it used to, and it’s losing some of its elasticity and radiance. I’m also coming to the realization that my freckles (which I once thought were cute), are really just photo-damage that’s going to manifest itself into not-so-cute territory in the years to come. While I’m pulling it off now, I probably won’t be able to in about 10 years. With each decade that passes, cellular regeneration gets harder to come by if you leave it as it is. Time to make a U-turn while we still can, right?

NEOVA is a skincare range that hones in on those issues, addressing them with their powerful Copper Peptide Complex®. Using this as their products’ delivery system—it insures the copper peptides get exactly where they need to go, allowing beneficial ingredients to penetrate deeply to diminish signs of aging.

My fave NEOVA products? Good question, but easy to answer because they’ve been great! I’ve used a combo of three products, for both day and nighttime anti-aging protection. Check these out: 

NEOVA Power Defense Serum — Use this serum both day and night, before your moisturizer to really help drive beneficial ingredients home to the vulnerable cells that really need them.  This is specifically designed for photo-aging and also contains retinyl palmitate, sodium hyaluronate, and betaglucans to get the job done. If I had to pick just one NEOVA product to use, this would be the one!

NEOVA Day Therapy SPF 30 — This daytime moisturizer is power plus protection! (When paired with the serum, even better.) Day Therapy protects the skin from damaging, incidental UV radiation while nourishing it with health-essential copper. Copper peptides work as an antioxidant while stimulating fibroblast activity, resulting in collagen production.

NEOVA Creme De La Copper — Mature, dry skin will love Creme De La Copper! Marine minerals, vitamins and bioflavonoids in a rich moisturizer help nourish the skin’s surface, with all of the copper peptide benefits.


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  • Jessica

    Great info! I’ve never heard of this brand before, but I might give it a try. I have some damage to my skin, after years of laying out in the sun (I wish I could have told my younger self that I would pay for it later). The prices are a bit steep, but I may have to make the splurge if it’s worth it.