Currently Loving: Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment

As a recently converted argan oil devotee, I’ve been skeptical that there’s anything out there even remotely as wonderful as it for my hair. Consider me myth-busted—because for the past week I’ve been trying out a new product from Couture Colour, their Pequi Oil Treatment.

What makes this product unique is its key ingredient, derived from the Pequi fruit that’s harvested from the Amazon rain forest (sustainably). This multi-purpose fruit produces an oil that is so rich in vitamins A & E, and essential fatty acids—that it’s long been used for everything from dry hair to skin conditions in Brazil. Couture Colour recognized the features and benefits of this special fruit for the hair strand, and have blended its oil with other key ingredients in their new treatment to help revive damaged hair. 

I’ve been distributing about a dime-sized amount in my damp hair before blow drying, and it really has made a difference in the overall look and feel of my hair—without weighing it down like most serums often do. The Pequi Oil Treatment is a great multi-tasker since it can be used on wet or dry hair, and also as a restorative pre-shampoo treatment. I can calm the frizzies, add shine, and put some health back into my hair; all at the same time with this, while my hair smells like a tropical breeze! This new product is alcohol and paraben-free, and currently a Sephora exclusive. —$32

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