StriVectin Launches Virtual Anti-Aging App on Facebook

File this one under, pretty cool!

StriVectin recently launched a Facebook app where you can see an estimate of what your results might be if you used StriVectin products for up to eight weeks. You simply upload a photo, then choose a StriVectin treatment (Concentrate for Wrinkles & Stretch Marks or Eye Concentrate For Wrinkles) for your area(s) of concern. You’ll be able to see what your progress could be at two, four, and eight weeks of use. The area I’m most concerned with is definitely my eyes! At 35, I’m all about combating those crows feet and fine lines that are seemingly popping up more with each passing month. Because of that, soon I’ll be embarking on my own eight week trial of StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate For Wrinkles to see what happens. I’ll be sure to let everyone know what my progress is like after eight weeks of applying it two times a day!

I should mention StriVectin’s disclaimer for their virtual anti-aging tool, it states:

This interactive visualization tool is for illustrative purposes only. Results represent averages from our clinical research, based on twice daily usage. Your actual results may vary.

You’ll find the virtual anti-aging tool here, why not have some fun and see what could be your skin after eight weeks?

  • Cara

    wow this is pretty cool! I just tried it… I’m amazed :)

    do keep us posted on your progress!

  • Kimmi @ The Plastic Diaries

    This does sound very cool, and it is quite a genius social media tool to have as a weapon in online marketing. The only thing that makes me question it is that I cannot see a single difference between the two images. Is it just me? Can you see the change?

    I think I will still have a play with it but it would be cooler if it showed some change.

  • Amber

    Hi Kimmi, if you mean the image on the post—that’s me and it’s just at 2 weeks. I only used it for illustrative purposes, but I don’t really have a lot of facial wrinkles (yet). For me it would definitely have to be set on the eyes at 8 weeks…I’m about to see if their eye cream really works though and I’ll post the results at the end of the trial. I just thought this app was kind of neat :)

  • marissa

    That’s pretty cool. I love stri-vectin. It turned my 3 year o;d stretch marks from a deep purple to a light pink in 2 weeks!