Review & Swatches: Tarte emphasEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow

Now that the weather is heating up (finally!), it’s the perfect time to put these Amazonian Clay Waterproof Cream Eyeshadows from Tarte to the test. These richly pigmented cream shadows contain a botanical waterproofing agent, along with Tarte’s proprietary blend of skinvigorating™ ingredients for a high performance product with natural benefits. Let’s take a look and see how well they did! 

Each shade is sold individually and comes with a nice application brush. These babies are a little on the small side, at just .1 oz. each. I don’t think that’s terrible, as they are pretty pigmented and a little on your brush or ring finger is ample for coverage—but where I wish there was an improvement is in the packaging itself. The jar is small and the opening is narrow, so if you have a long fingernail and wish to use your finger for application (like I do), it might be a little troublesome. In that case, you’ll definitely be relying on your brush and that may make or break it for you. I think if the jar were flatter and wider, that issue would be eliminated altogether, but I digress.

The shade selection is pretty gorgeous on the other hand, there’s Beach Bronze, Moss, Slate, and Seashell Pink. If you’re on the fence about color, I think that either Slate or Seashell Pink are great places to start!

Seashell Pink



Beach Bronze


In terms of performance, these do last several hours—unless I rub my eyes, which I stop myself from doing ALL the time! These claim to be waterproof, but to be honest—I find them to be more water-resistant. Don’t get me wrong, these are long-wearing and perform well! It’s in the 90’s here today and my Beach Bronze is still going strong. I wouldn’t exactly call these bulletproof however (in comparison to some super waterproof eyeshadows out there on the market today). But for something that contains naturally-derived ingredients, that’s paraben-free, with mineral pigments—I think these are pretty stellar at what they do accomplish. Which is providing an easy-to-apply cream eyeshadow color that lasts longer than most, in universally flattering shades, with ingredients that are good for your skin.

My fave was Beach Bronze, and you can see me rockin’ it below! Have you tried any of Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Waterproof Cream Eyeshadows? What did you think?

Price & Availability: $25 ($22.80 at press time); QVC &

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  • Cara

    Love the seashell pink! What’s the consistency like and did you put primer beforehand?


  • Amber

    Hi Cara,

    The consistency is little more dense, creamy, and pigmented than a regular primer. I didn’t use primer prior–but if you did…they will work even better 😉 And…if you were to use Seashell Pink as a primer with a powder shadow over it, LOOK OUT! Your shadow isn’t going anywhere! LOL

  • jumbly

    Jeez. $25 for one ounce of product!

  • Tracy D

    These remind me of the Benefit creaseless cream shadows. I actually like the idea of a smaller size as there is no way I’ll get thru the larger Benefit shadow. Thanks for the review!

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  • Stef | we heart this

    I really love all four of these shades! I agree with you, I’d love these packaged in a flatter and wider pot (even though I LOVE the brush they come with, and it gets in to the product just fine). And I think the clay really helps these to stick around a bit longer, especially on an oily lidded gal like myself!

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  • beachgal

    I am loving Beach bronze, seashell and then mix them with a little of the moss. I am glad I did not get the slate as now I am getting the new taupe in the TSV …cannot wait!

  • Amber

    Beachgal, I received the Taupe in the TSV too, it’s gorgeous!

  • Carly

    Ooh, I got four of these for my birthday today! :) In plum smoke, shimmering moss, shimmering golden beige and pink champagne. Beautiful! I <3 them already!