Review & Swatches: bareMinerals 10 New Eyeshadow Shades Added For Summer

Here’s a little bit of what’s new for summer from Bare Escentuals—10 freshly released bareMinerals Eyecolor shades!

Going from memory, I believe a few of these shades were included as minis in various sets in the past, so some of them might not be brand spankin’ new. But I have a feeling some are making their appearance as full-size shadows for the first time. (If you find this not to be the case in your bareMinerals collection, please kindly let me know in the comments.)

Here’s the shade breakdown:

  • Popular — iridescent plum glimmer
  • Steel — rose pewter sheen
  • Chic Nude — veiled nude
  • Siren — seafoam mint
  • Spiced Biscotti — zesty pumpkin
  • Wicked — smoky green glimmer
  • Cha-Cha — strawberry pink
  • Berry Flambé — deep violet
  • Sundress — light springtime yellow
  • Lilac Vibe — luminous lilac

More shots, because I could look at these ALL day!


TIP ALERT: I know I’m repeating myself here; but if you’ve never tried a bareMinerals eyeshadow…please do yourself a favor. You must lightly rub a little of one in between your thumb and forefinger to really appreciate how truly creamy and soft they are for being loose shadows. I can see an email from Bare Escentuals now. (I’m going to get myself in trouble here—just kidding!) But if you go into a boutique—ask them to put a little bit out on a tissue for you, just enough so you can pick it up with your fingers and rub them together to see how easily it blends. I’m suggesting to ask first, because I once worked in cosmetics and didn’t really appreciate people digging their fingers into products, even though I know it’s SO tempting. Not that YOU would do that—but some people! I digress. I think cosmetics become a tactile experience once you fall in love with a shade. So go to what shade catches your eye and really FEEL it (if you can). It works for me every time, no matter what brand I’m looking at! Anything gritty, chalky, or clumpy, it’s just not for me.

Here’s an EASY look I did with a few of my fave shades from this summer offering. I called it Calypso Sunrise due to the slight blending of yellow-to-orange-to-pink on the lid.

I’m already sold on the performance and quality of the shadows—in a review it’s never an issue to me. Something must really be off in order for me to call one of their eyecolors out! What I would love is if you’d take a peek at the swatches above and this little summer-by-numbers photo below, and tell us what shades out of the 10 you’d like to pair up together for a look. I get the best ideas from my readers, so thank you for that!

Price & Availability: $13 each, Bare Escentuals Boutiques & in May 2011

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An editorial sample was provided by the company and evaluated to determine our opinion of the product in this post. Please see the Disclosures page for further information regarding our policies for using editorial samples.
  • Marilyn

    Thank you! I love Bare Minerals and I haven’t found a site that reviews them often.

    I have green eyes, so I would probably do a look with Steel, Wicked and Siren. I might use Siren as a base all over my eyes and then use Wicked to hilight, and Steel as a liner…or the opposite (dark on lids) depending on my mood.

  • Amber

    Wow Marilyn, that sounds fierce! Good combo!

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  • Lisa G

    Wicked was in one eye kit that I got many years ago, but it was absolutely my favorite and I was so bummed that you couldn’t get it in a full size. I’m so excited to see it available-I’ll be snatching that one up today. It is such a beautiful emerald green. I love Bare Minerals!

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  • Ashley

    Thanks for these!! I’m thinking Chic nude as a wash, with Biscotti in the crease, and wicked under the lower lash line

  • Amber

    Nice one, Ashley!

  • Linda

    Chic Nude, Steel & Popular!!! Easy peasy……………… thats my opinion anyway. I love BE and have used their line for almost 23 years (ssshhhhhhh) don’t give me age away! I just ordered their Neck Cream yesterday from QVC, I have been dying to try it, can’t wait.

  • Amber

    Nice combo, Linda! I was glued to QVC all weekend myself :) I LOVE watching Leslie!

  • Pilar

    I just ordered Wicked, Spiced Biscotti, Sundress, Cha Cha, and Popular last night….and I’m already waiting by the mail box. I can’t wait to get them! I read your review and saw the swatches when the article first came out and haven’t stopped thinking about these colors….I broke last night and had to order!
    Thanks for the pictures and info. I love it!

  • Amber

    Hi Pilar,

    You’re a bonafide Beauty Junkie now! Let us know what you think when they arrive, we love reader feedback too 😉 I’ve been wearing Cha Cha a bit lately myself.

  • Pilar

    Hey Amber!
    So I finally got my eyeshadows in the mail (seemed like it took forever, it didn’t but the waiting game isn’t fun!) and this morning I used Spiced Biscotti, Cha Cha, and Sundress….turned out beautiful!!! So beautiful that I had to take a picture and text it to my friend! I have always love BE eye shadows, but you are right they are SO soft and blendable….LOVE THEM! And thanks again for the great feedback on the new summer shades!!

  • Amber

    Hi Pilar! I’m so glad to hear your report :) Enjoy them, I can’t wait to see what shades they have for fall 😉