COVERGIRL To Expand NatureLuxe Lineup With Mousse Mascara

I come bearing what could be good news to my fellow COVERGIRL NatureLuxe lovers out there—and perhaps to those who haven’t discovered the foundation and Gloss Balm yet. The rumors are true; COVERGIRL is expanding the NatureLuxe line to include a new product which will land in stores in July!

  • COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara

This is described as: “A new, mousse mascara that exchanges a select few synthetic ingredients for natural beeswax, carnauba wax and tapioca polymers, which are lighter-feeling alternatives, to give stunning volume while leaving lashes luxuriously light and lifted. Luxurious mousse texture designed to feel smooth and weightless while building stunning volume, all while maintaining a soft and fluttery lash look.”

This product will launch with both regular and water-resistant formulas in one shade: Very Black.

Available in July 2011 with a suggested retail price of $8.99 each

And some bonus news…here’s a new ShadowBlast product that will be launching around the same time!

  • COVERGIRL Intense ShadowBlast Eyecolor (not part of the NatureLuxe family)

This is described as: “A liquid to powder eyeshadow that lasts for hours. Features a built-in primer which contains a long-wear waterproof polymer. Glides on effortlessly as a liquid, but dries to a gorgeous powdery finish with color that stays. Intense ShadowBlast has a felt tip applicator so that you can easily apply it for hours of fade proof, crease-resistant color.”

The Pat McGrath-designed shade palette comes in 6 vibrant liquid-to-powder shades: Platinum Pop, Blue Bomb, Extreme Green, Brown Bling, Beige Blaze, and Forever Pink.

Available in July 2011 with a suggested retail price of $7.99 each

  • femputer

    Fascinating! I wonder if CG took the criticism of their shadowblast stick things and improved upon them? Those things were godawful when I tried them, creasing almost instantly! I think I’ll wait until some reviews come out on the new shadowblasts, I caved too early to the hype last time and got burned!

  • Amber

    I hope to have one in my hands soon Femputer…and we shall see! I’ll review as soon as possible!

  • Tina B

    Yes to Femputer, I totally agree the shadowblasts were just awful. I am pretty excited about the new ones, it seems they did listen!

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  • Shari

    I think I will also wait for the reviews before trying this eyeshadow. The eyeshadow never stays on my eyes correctly and $7 is a lot to waste on eyeshadow that does not stay on your eyes.

  • Lindsay

    These were already out at a local Bed Bath & Beyond in my area along with another new CoverGirl mascara, can’t remember the name. I would have bought them but I wanted to hear reviews first considering how awful the Smoky Shadow Sticks or whatever were, and I’m happy with my current mascara.

  • Amber

    Wow! Thanks Lindsay…I hope I can find these at BBB too :)

  • Katie

    These are out in my area at Target. Not being actualy advertised really, put on the end of the isle away from the middle isle(close to the wall). I purchased the natureluxe mascara and it is very simlar to the last blast length with a little more volume. It is also available in more then just black as I purchased it in brown, my go to “no makeup look” color. All in all I like it. I wish I didnt put down the eye shadow now…

  • Amber

    Katie! You’re SO lucky! I can’t wait to try them :) Thanks for letting us know what you think!

  • Katie

    Amber, No problem! Im conyemplating going back for the eyeshadow… I will let ya know if I do!

  • Amanda

    I just bought this product yesterday, and I got is in a black/brown. So far I love it! Makes me look like I have zebra lashes! As for the eyeshadow, I opted to NOT buy it because of the ingredients. It contains talc, and some other harmful ingredients. The mascara had “better” ingredients than most.

  • justmegan82

    I found the Intense ShadowBlast at Wal-Mart and I LOOOVVVEEEEE it!!! I use the beige as an everyday all over and it’s SO good! Doesn’t crease at all! I like to smooth it out with my finger and keep my eye shut and kind of fan my eyelid to let it dry for a bit but it dries fast and I’m good to go all day! I was sad to see they pulled it or sold out or something at Wal-Mart because I wanted to try the pink. I also have the platinum and it’s pretty good. Sounds like from this page it is officially coming out in July(?). If so I can’t wait!