Slightly Obsessed With…Barielle Nail Brightener

I wear a lot of nail polish (like you, I’m sure!) because I’m a polish fanatic. There are days where I swatch up to 12 shades in a day when I’m reviewing a collection—in addition to my regular application of the color of the week. That’s a lot of polish on one’s nails! All of that tends to make my natural nails look a little dull, and let’s face it—there are days when I want my nails to be sans color (scoff!), but I still want them to look polished and professional. I’ve recently become obsessed with Barielle Nail Brightener as a result.

What it is…

Nail Brightener is a hybrid of treatment and polish. It contains anti-oxidizing properties, with very faint nail brightening pigments. It appears to be translucent on the nail, but if you view it very closely—you can see extremely subtle hints of a light-reflective shimmer that almost make the nail “glow”. Barielle promises that this formula has the ability to hydrate the nails, but to be honest I haven’t worn it long enough for any one period of time to test that theory in its entirety. I just change polishes too often to notice! But good to know, right?

Here’s a before & after…

I’m slightly obsessed with this because it perks up my nails and pulls some of the yellow out of them, especially on the tips. I love a clean, bright looking visible nail line, and this helps! It’s also great for anyone who likes a “no-polish polish” look.

What do you use to brighten up your nails when they’re looking dull?

Price & Availability: $16,—or see their store locator for physical locations

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  • Jackie

    I think I could be in love with this post! My nails have been looking even more yellow than usually after I used a yellow nail polish. I’m going to pick some of this up right away!

  • Amber

    Jackie, I hope you like it as much as I do!

  • Maryann Van Braam

    please send me free sample of your nail stuff, thanks

  • Amber

    Hi Maryann,

    Sorry, this isn’t Barielle’s site–and I don’t have any free samples to send you. You may wish to contact them directly to inquire on the possibility of a sampling program.

  • Jeanie Barbee

    I don’t have any of the Barielle nail treatments yet, next on my list. But I am the happy owner of 18 polishes and waiting on 3 more to arrive. This will be my next product to try.

  • beachgal

    This is a fablous product as are many of the Barielle nail and foot treatment products. I have tried tons and none outshine Barielle. Their Total Care Foot Cream works better than anything I have tried for really bad feet that I must keep up with always. Also, my nails don’t grow and they peal and are thin – enter Barielle Strengthening Cream. Pair it with Barielle Intensive Renewal Treatment Oil and you will see your nails grow, not peal and become strong! And you already covered my other fav Barielle product in their whitening treatment for nails. It really works! I just have old age/genetic/medication yellow nails as I don’t wear polish except on my toes. It takes a little time for the nail treatment products to work but when they do, keep using them and you will see growing, ongoing results.

  • sabrina

    i love your nails i wish i had nails like yours
    p.s. love your review

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