Review & Swatches: COVERGIRL Intense ShadowBlast Primer + Rich Shadow

Last month, I was so excited when I heard the news that COVERGIRL would be releasing a line of liquid-to-powder eyeshadows. I’m even more excited that I finally have a few shades of the new COVERGIRL Intense ShadowBlast Eye Colors to share with you! Intense ShadowBlast is a liquid shadow in a tube that can act as a long-wearing cream eyeshadow all on its own, or act as a primer to anchor a powder eyeshadow to the lid. I’m loving this concept, especially since it’s available in six shades that were designed by Pat McGrath.

  • Platinum Pop
  • Blue Bomb
  • Extreme Green
  • Brown Bling
  • Beige Blaze
  • Forever Pink

More photos, and the review!

Platinum Pop, Blue Bomb, Brown Bling, Forever Pink

While I only have four to show you today, I have tried five of the six. I wore Extreme Green at a COVERGIRL event earlier this month, and I have to tell you—even in the Southern California heat, it did not move until I removed it later that evening! I wish you could see my eyes a little bit closer, but here’s a shot of my pal Romy of Romy Raves and myself, we’re both totally rocking our COVERGIRL!

(side note: I also fell in love with the Queen Collection Lip Color in Powderpuff Pink that day, it did not budge!)

Okay, so I digress! Back to Intense ShadowBlast

One of my favorite things about this new product is that the shades have a nice pigment payoff, what you see is pretty much what you get! In the swatches above, that intensity was achieved with just one swipe of the wand—and these actually work better that way. I’ve found that for me personally, when I try to layer them—it sheers them out a little bit. The wand itself has a flexible sponge at the tip that almost acts like a paddle, versus a doe foot applicator:

I prefer this applicator over a doe foot, but truth be told—I don’t have a lot of real estate on my eyelids (and I never have, due to my eye shape). So what I like to do, is apply the product on my back of my hand and pick it up with a synthetic concealer brush. Then, I pat it on my lids. You can also apply this with a ring finger if you prefer, or just use the wand. Application is entirely up to you and what works best for your eye shape.

In terms of wear, I find these to last several hours without fading or creasing on their own, but if you have very oily eyelids—you may wish to set it very lightly with a translucent powder if you plan on wearing them solo. If you decide to wear these as a primer for a shadow, go to town! These should provide significant hold for your powder shadows. I know temperatures and humidity levels vary from region to region here in the states, but for me in this So Cal climate, I have no issues with these unless I rub my eyes when I’m sweaty. These claim to be “waterproof”, but I consider them to be more “water-resistant”. As long as you keep your hands off of your eyes, you should be okay—because I even line my bottom lash line with some of the colors and have no problem with them migrating at all.

My fave color (aside from Extreme Green) is Platinum Pop:

You could create an easy smoky eye with this shade by adding black liner and smudging it!

These are all set for an official launch in July, but they’re already popping up in drugstores. If you’d like to see the Beige Blaze shade, check out Gianna at Nouveau Cheap for her review!

Price & Availability: suggested retail price $7.99, drugstores &

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  • Amber

    Hi Sharon,

    I left a comment right above yours where I stated I had contacted the representation of COVERGIRL to alert them to issues like these.

    These types of issues should be reported directly to COVERGIRL’s consumer hotline at 1-800-426-8374. COVERGIRL is committed to tracking any issues, such as these, and would be happy to discuss directly with you.

  • Liz Srinivasan

    Cover girl eye primer and makeup is causing intense pain, burning and redness hours after being removed from my eyelids. This is so dangerous. There needs to be a recall immediately. I am so very concerned……
    Just bought the eye creme today. Unbelievable that a product causing so much pain is still on the shelf.

  • Maria

    I used this and it went on really well. I love the color of it but the only issue I had was when I put it on I had really bad pain in my eyelids. I put it on before a halloween party and only five minutes afterwards it felt like my eyelids were on fire. It felt almost like it was burning and my eyelids were really red afterwards. After reading a lot of these comments, a lot of people are having the same issues I am with the redness and burning. I agree with Liz Srinivasan that this should be recalled. I don’t know if I would buy this item again even if it were recalled and put back out. I was not happy with this product. AT ALL!

  • Amber

    Thanks for sharing your experience Maria!

  • Heather

    Found this thread after buying the green last night. I had gotten two new eyeshadows, so I tried the green on my right eye and the other brand on my left. Within the hour, my right eyelid was burning and continued being uncomfortable through this morning. When I put my makeup on this morning, I noticed that my right eyelid is discolored red/purple where the eyeshadow was and is still slightly uncomfortable.

    I called customer service and reported the situation. They are sending me a coupon for a free CG cosmetic item. However, I have never had any kind of skin reaction to makeup and they should probably look into this a little more.

  • Jessica

    @Heather, I’m glad you posted this comment! I bought this brand last night and had the same reaction this morning. I google’d it to see if others were having this issue. I’ll be calling CG tonight to let them know. My eyelids are burning right now and I’ve done my best to remove it while being at work but I have limited supplies here.

  • Rebecca

    I bought this eyeshadow in brown bling and platinum pop. I used the brown bling first and after less than an hour of having it on my eyelids were burning like crazy. I’ve also never had a reaction like this to any type of makeup. This looks like a serious issue if it’s happening to a lot of people. After I removed the eyeshadow my eyelids still burned for the rest of the day. I still haven’t tried the platinum pop but I’m afraid that I’ll have the same reaction.

  • Rene

    Same problem, used it brand new this morning and within 30 minutes my eyelids began to burn, they are still red even after removing a few hours ago. I don’t ever have reactions to makeup so I was very shocked by this. Definitely something that has potential for problems, over and above other products. I have used CoverGirl eyeshadows for years – 1st time I’ve had this problem. Not good.

  • Jessica Girard

    I bought the green this evening and could not wait to try it out. After 30 min.’s I could not take it off quick enough. I am sitting here and not only are my eye lids on fire but they are really tight, like something is keeping them open. I am calling CoverGirl in the morning to report this. I too have never had a reaction to any makeup. I also regularly use CG eyeshadow because they have such amazing colors and their products are wonderful. Now I am, for the first time ever, regretting my decision.

  • Sara

    I’m soooo relieved to hear that others are having the same reaction as I am to this product. I bought the platinum last night and couldn’t wait to try it on. I put it on at 10pm just to see what it was like, I loved it except a few minutes after applying my eyelids burned like crazy!!! I wanted to see if this was some kind of reaction I was having to it since I’ve never had this issue with eyeshadows before. Thank you for sharing so I don’t feel alone. I am calling customer service right now as well, they need to know that this is an issue!!