What’s New: Christina Aguilera Royal Desire Eau de Parfum

Riding high on the success of NBC’s The Voice, Christina Aguilera lends her talents to her fourth signature fragrance debut, with Christina Aguilera Royal Desire. Christina wanted Royal Desire to evoke feelings of elegance and sensuality, so that women could feel special every day.

“With this scent, I wanted to create a truly sensory experience,” notes Christina, “and provide a moment every day where women could pamper themselves and feel sexy and beautiful…exuding the sensual elegance of a queen.”

Opening with the sweetness of blackcurrant and yuzu citrus (a nod to Christina’s love of Japan), Royal Desire gives way to a floral heart with fragrant-rich honeysuckle and powdery iris notes. All of which meet a soft musk bottom—for a well-rounded, fruity floral oriental fragrance experience.  

You’ll also find royal elements on each bottle, a silver charm—in one of four regal designs—along with the richness of a chocolate brown and delicate rose color story, to truly make the fragrance feel like the most feminine gift.

Here in the U.S., Christina Aguilera Royal Desire is set for a July release—exclusively at Kohls, available in both 30ml ($37) and 50ml ($47) sizes.

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