Review: Nutra Nail Instant Smudge Repair

UGH. Don’t you hate it when you spend time painting your nails, only to cap the bottle—and within minutes smudge them on something silly while your nails are still wet? I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve grumbled and started over, after trying a few other things to even out my mess. Depending on how bad the smudge or nick is—sometimes a good top coat will get rid of the evidence. But then, there are those that can’t be denied a fresh start. Out comes the polish remover and there I go again. Trying to apply the same loving care, only this time I’m a little miffed as I’m painting. Not quite the relaxing experience I was going for. Laugh if you will, but painting my nails has become like therapy to me—it truly relaxes me…until I smudge one!

Nutra Nail has a new product, Instant Smudge Repair that promises to restore your messed-up manicure so you won’t fret. I gave it a shot, and here are the details! 

First, it’s Big 3-free—so no worries there, but the base is made of acetone (which I expected), alcohols, and polymers. So essentially, what the product does is thin out the polish on your smudged nail and smooth it over as you keep brushing it on. It helps re-distribute the polish that isn’t flawed, to the area of the flawed nail to camouflage it. I’ve tried this with pure acetone before, and I could never really get it to work (but maybe I was doing something wrong). So this seems like a good idea and a little more user-friendly.

I tried this out with a light shade of polish since they tend to be a little less forgiving than darker shades (I used Zoya Pandora). I applied 2 coats of polish and gave it just a few seconds to set. Then, I purposely smudged one, and nicked and smudged the other.

After following the directions—what I found was that on the smudged nail (ring finger), it helped—but as a result it really thinned out the polish on my nail (which was to be expected). However, on the smudged and nicked nail (pinkie finger), the result wasn’t as favorable. It showed more flaws than my ring finger. Both of these photos were taken without top coat, so I would recommend allowing the nails to completely dry—then apply a good top coat to help hide the flaws even more.

Here are the directions from the package:

  • For small nicks and smudges, gently brush Smudge Repair over wet nail polish until they disappear.
  • For large nicks and smudges, place a tiny drop of color polish in the center of nick. Gently brush Smudge Repair over entire nail until smooth.

In all honesty, I do like this product, but it might take a few smudged nails to get the hang of it. While I didn’t have the perfect mani when I was finished—it definitely helped take my frustration down a little and stopped me from starting over. After I applied top coat, it looked much better. Not perfect—but better.

Price & Availability: $3.29, but I’ve seen it retail for about $5 at my local CVS. As of post time, there is a $1 off coupon located here.

An editorial sample was provided by the company and evaluated to determine our opinion of the product in this post. Please see the Disclosures page for further information regarding our policies for using editorial samples.


  • shauna

    I think the fixed nails look really good! Really unless you look closely, to me they look great!

  • Ari

    I have been looking for this since i have seen a review about this but they don’t carry it locally. but i think this will be my lifesaver since i always smudge a nail no matter what i do

  • beachgal

    Thanks for reviewing this. I had a product similar years ago that whoever it was stopped making. I learned to take my finger and put a little remover on it and smooth out some of the oops I would get vs. taking it all off and starting it over. But the remover never worked as the old product I had. I will take a look around for this…I could use it to have on hand for those rush occasions when you have to fix it and get out the door!

  • Jen K

    Your after pictures really do look nice. Without fail I too smudge and/or nick my nails promptly after finishing painting them. So aggravating. I usually just do a repaint, but in tune with Murphy’s law I make things worse by accidently getting remover on what was once a smudge-free nail. Accch! I got this today and am glad to see that it worked for you, thanks for reviewing!

  • Amber

    Thank you, Jen K!

  • Marissa

    will this work on arcrylic nails ?

  • Amber

    Hi Marissa, That’s a good question—and I’m not sure of the answer 😉

  • Elizabeth

    I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!!!! I’m having trouble finding it, But IT”S GREAT STUFF!!!! I have no patience, so I end up with lots of bubbles. It will fix those too!!!! May consider buying it in bulk!!!! It’d be worth it!!