First Look: Colgate Optic White Toothpaste & 360° Optic White Toothbrush

I must admit, it’s kind of hard to get super excited over basic personal hygiene products—like toothpaste. I’m a Rembrandt girl myself, I feel it helps brighten my smile and I like the way it foams up. My teeth always feel squeaky-clean after I use it, and I’ve been pretty loyal to it over the past few months. Colgate is entering the smile-brightening toothpaste market next month, by taking it a step further than traditional whitening toothpastes as well.

Their new Optic White Toothpaste contains the same whitening ingredient in most popular strip kits—hydrogen peroxide.  Colgate’s promise is that results will start to show after one week, and your best result will be seen at four weeks. I’ve been using it for a week now, and I’m already finding that I really like it—enough that I might even make a switch from Rembrandt, because Optic White is much less expensive!  What makes me like it so much? It foams up much like what I was using before, and as a chronic coffee drinker—I think I can already see a little bit of a difference.

When it comes to the Optic White Toothpaste companion, the 360º Optic White Toothbrush, I really don’t feel one way or another about it. What makes it different are the three whitening cups (in the center) and polishing bristles (the blue and white striped bristles). Those polishing bristles are a little bit stiffer than the soft green ones. There’s also a tongue and cheek cleaner on the underside of the head. I’ll also try using this with a standard toothbrush to see if I can get brighter results over the next few weeks with the hopes of determining if the toothbrush is an integral part of Optic White’s efficacy. If you’re in doubt—I’d say go ahead and pick one up to start off with Colgate’s recommendation—but I’m still curious to see what my results are with another toothbrush.

Price & Availability: lists the 4 oz. Sparkling Mint tube at $3.79, available August 27th. I’m currently not finding pricing info on the 360º Optic White Toothbrush—but I estimate it will retail for around $4.49.

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  • beachgal

    I am happy to see info about a new toothpaste – esp if it has the stuff in the whitener strips & of course if it works. I have really badly stained teeth from antibiotics yrs back they did not know they caused staining and also sun sensitivity. Oh well…40 yrs later after bonding did not work and no $ for veneers, I try everything reasonable. I’ve had good luck with Super Smile that is similar to this from Colgate only the activator is in a separate tube & it’s like Nordstrom expensive! Go Smile did not work for me – and this toothbrush with this one is my all time fav style toothbrush I have trouble finding! I’ll take 2 just for the toothbrush alone!

  • Elaine C.

    Thanks for the info. I love to find out about new products!

  • elizabeth

    its an amazing product i hot the tooth paste and the tooth brush for $2.49 each at walmart i love it

  • http://firstlook Eleanor G.

    I am a smoker and I have been using colgate optic for one week, I am so impressed that I am now going to tell my patients(I work for a dentist) to try this toothpaste before trying any other bleaching method, this paste is amazing, I have crowns and it does not affect the porcelain at all. congrats to colgate for a great product.