Dear John Frieda, Thank You for the Loose Waves—I Think I Love You.

I’m one rough babe on a curling iron, and they are just as rough on me. Ask my flat, limp, BORING hair. True story: I am a licensed hair stylist, and have been for almost 10 years. If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you’d know I absolutely LOATHE styling my own hair. Color was actually my forte, and still remains my love—even if I don’t practice it anymore. I’m always looking for the easy way out of styling my hair—which often comes in the form of a good old-fashioned ponytail, or my beloved Goody Spin Pins. (If you don’t have those yet, you’re missing out.)

If I want curls or loose waves, here’s what happens…  

A.) I stand in the bathroom for an hour, sweating profusely the entire time while I curl my hair in all these random sections. When I’m finished, my hair looks like a hot mess, because it’s literally, a HOT MESS.

B.) The lesser of the two evils, I go to one of those new ‘blow-dry only’ places, fork over $35, and get my curls. But it’s not without a fight. My sweet stylist there has all kinds of dirty little tricks up her sleeve to make sure my waves stay until I at least get home.

Neither of these options are fun or painless. So enter John Frieda’s new curling irons. I tried out his Loose Curls 1¼ inch Curling Iron and clicked my heels together that it would work.  

I realize, a curling iron isn’t very exciting to look at…but I wanted to point out the nice barrel which is ceramic/ionic to help combat frizz—even if you let your hair air dry first (which is what I’m doing these days). I also like the handle and the clamp, it’s the perfect size for my thumb and I feel like I have more control. This is a nice and sturdy tool, it has a nice weight and doesn’t feel like Barbie should be using it instead.

The other perk is the digital temperature control. This baby gets up to 400° in as little as 30 seconds, but you can press the button to control the heat and make it lower if you’d like. My feisty hair needs that 400°, followed by a cool-down so it can set the curl after I release it.

Ready to see some magic? Here’s how my hair usually is…no kidding.

Aside from a recent color change and my new John Frieda Loose Curls Iron…here it is now.

It was pretty painless, I allowed my hair to air dry first. I applied a thermal protectant spray, and curled my hair in 8 large sections and let them cool. I flipped my head over, gave it a good shake—then just lightly raked my fingers through my hair. I sprayed some hair spray, and wah-lah. My hair went from lame, to glam in about 20 minutes. (And I barely broke a sweat.)

John Frieda gets my big ol’ thumbs of approval with this tool. It’s priced just right, and it works. I think I love you.

Price & Availability: $29.99;, ULTA

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