Just Can’t Get Enough! Softsoap Body Butter Body Smoothing Body Washes in Strawberry Smoother & Coconut Scrub

We’re kind of picky about our body washes around here—the husband only wants those $16 bottles of 3-in-1 shower gels with the amaaaaaaazing fragrances, and I prefer the frou-frou good smelling ones myself. But these inexpensive multi-tasking body washes arrived, the Softsoap Premium Body Butter Body Smoothing Wash Collection, and we couldn’t help but take notice. With fragrances like Strawberry Smoother, and Coconut Scrub—you shouldn’t ignore these on your next trip to the store!

Both contain apricot seed powder to help loosen dry, flaky skin—while fruit juices and oils in the rich formulas help hydrate skin instead of stripping it like some body washes can. The amazing thing is, although these come out nice and creamy, they’ll still produce a nice lather on my bath pouf.

Strawberry Smoother contains apricot seed powder, strawberry fruit juice, peach juice, jojoba and coconut oils—and smells like a delicious strawberry smoothie. I can see why my Target has been sold out of it the last two times I’ve gone! 

The Coconut Scrub contains crushed coconut, apricot seed powder, and jojoba oil for a tropical coconut fragrance in the shower.

The innovative hybrid of moisturizing body butters, mild exfoliants, and creamy body cleansers scores these body butter body washes from Softsoap an almost perfect score. (And my husband likes them just as much as his $16 body washes!)

Price & Availability: about $4.50 each, mass retailers (I’ve spotted these locally at CVS, Target, and my grocery store.)

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