You Need This: Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter

I’m having the most amazing lipcolor experience right now, and it’s not from where I would normally expect. Someone FINALLY got the lipcolor-to-lip butter ratio right, and it’s REVLON! I went on a massive manhunt for these babies—they’re called ColorBurst Lip Butters, and they are so worthy of the praise they’re receiving in the blogosphere right now. I never had a chance to see the original display for these, but when I finally found them (at my CVS), they were stored in a small glass bowl in a fixture with holiday sets. In a way, I’m kind of glad they were so inconspicuous…I had my choice of pinks and berries (which doesn’t happen to me often). In another way, I hope the resources for these are plentiful in your area, you’ll definitely end up buying more than one! There are 20 shades available, but I’ve only seen 10 of them—they all were gorgeous.

Lollipop, Berry Smoothie, Sweet Tart, Cherry Tart 

Aside from looking pretty, these are functional. They make my lips feel like little buttery cushions, and the pigment is loaded without any drying of my lips. ColorBurst Lip Butter contains soothing ingredients for your lips like coconut, mango, and jojoba oils—along with beeswax and shea butter. This isn’t just another tube of colored wax, YAY! They’re super shiny, super hydrating, and worth the $7.79 price tag. (Currently they’re buy one, get one 50% off at CVS.)

Part lip balm, part lipstick, part gloss, FOR THE WIN! For additional details and more info, check out Nouveau Cheap. Gianna tried several shades that I didn’t, and you might find some there that you like more!

Price & Availability: About $8, CVS and mass retailers

  • mari

    I CAN’T FIND THESE ANY WHEREEE D: D: D: /devastated for life :( :( :(

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  • jessica walle

    LOVE these lip butters. Bought red velvet, cherry tart and sweet tart based on your reccomendations and I am in love. I have found my new lipstick!

  • Amber

    Great, Jessica! Glad you like ’em too!

  • Gracie

    I just received a blister sample in Peach Parfait which I thought might be too light for my skintone, but once I tried it on the color looked so pretty I decided I am going to get a full sized right away.  In fact I think I better get at the very least 4 in this shade and a few more colors to try.  About the product ingredients you are spot on.  The application was silky, left my lips shiny and very healthy-looking.  My lips felt smoother as well.  I love this lip butter.

  • Amber

    So glad, Gracie! These are special lippies :)

  • mimi

    I bought Peach Parfait today and I absolutly love it!  I was looking for something bright but not TOO bright and this is just the perfect color!