Review & Swatches: Urban Decay Stardust Sparkling Lipgloss

I have Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star stuck in my head—thanks to these new Stardust Sparkling Lipglosses from Urban Decay, and it’s easy to see why. They leave me starstruck with their multi-faceted shimmer and feel oh so comfortable on the lips!

Available in three shades, I checked out two of them—Glitter Rock and Andromeda. However, I did spy RomyRaves wearing Space Cowboy last week—and it looked pretty darn fabulous too.

Glitter Rock — sheer fuchsia sparkle
Andromeda — sheer peachy-pink sparkle
Space Cowboy (not pictured) — sheer nude sparkle

More photos, swatches, and details…  

Glitter Rock


Top: Andromeda, Bottom: Glitter Rock

What I found truly amazing about the Stardust glosses, is that even though they are so reflective, I can’t feel a hint of grit on my lips. The texture on these is just so right! There’s a tasty minty zing that I love, and Vitamin E and jojoba oil that leaves my lips feeling moist. I’m truly amazed with how comfortable these are—so cushiony and buttery that I wish there were more shades! (But then again, you can’t go wrong with a pink, peach, or nude color.)

The brush applicator makes applying these a breeze, it’s the perfect applicator for the formula—I’m so glad this is missing a doe foot applicator. While these glosses may not be for everyone since they are pretty flashy, I think the transparent base colors do the twinkle effect a favor by keeping them wearable for daytime. The intergalactic shine, comfortable texture, and perfect applicator earns Stardust a passing grade with flying colors.

Price & Availability: $19 each;,, select Macy’s locations

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  • Zelda

    Ahhh! I have seen so many posts about these… I totally want one! I could never get away working in Schools wearing it, but darn it I sure want one! Thanks for the review!

  • Tyrone Burrier

    My girlfriend is fond of using sparkling lip gloss. I bet she’ll like this product. I might as well buy one from Macy’s asap.

  • Joanna

    Love the colors

  • Amber

    Tyrone—if that’s the case, you can’t go wrong with these for a holiday gift!

  • Amber

    Do you have a favorite, Joanna? I really like Glitter Rock myself!