Review & Swatches: NYX Cosmetics Color Lip Balms

We spent yesterday giving thanks, so let’s keep that gratitude going today! It should be easy to remind yourself with these new Color Lip Balms from NYX Cosmetics, all of the shades are named after “thank you” in 12 languages. With the chill of Old Man Winter on the way, it’s important to keep those lips hydrated, so why not multi-task and add a wash of color, too?

I checked out five of the 12 shades in the collection, and was super impressed by the combination of a lip tint with lip balm appeal. The Color Lip Balms keep my lips feeling buttery and soft, and the shade selection is quite impressive. These are different from the new Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters, it seems right now that colored lip balms are all the rage—but these are true tinted balms, while the Revlon lippies pack more pigment intensity.


All 12 shades (from…

Containing shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and beeswax, I love the way these feel! You’ll find a little bit of a fruity fragrance but not too much of a flavor, and the shade selection is pretty versatile. Of the five I tried, the watermelon pink of Grazie was my fave, with the shimmery peach Arigato close behind. I don’t find them to be waxy, definitely more on the buttery side, so NYX did a great job developing these. If I could change one thing—I wish they lasted a tad longer on my lips—but then again I have a tendency of rubbing my lips together when I have a buttery balm on. (It just feels good!)

Grazie has found its way into my handbag for frequent wear, and will probably have a home in there until I scrape the last bit out of the tube!

Price & Availability: $3.75 each,,

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  • Neryy

    Those lip balms looks great! I think my favourite ones are arigato, grazie and merci :) I was wondering why there isn’t one called gracias…