The Lipstick League — week of 11.28.11

Well hello, lovelies! Holiday fever is in full-swing, and I need to get on it—I have several goodies to send to loved ones in the mail this week, do you suppose I should even dare brave the post office this time of year, or go FedEx instead? Decisions, I tell you! I think that’s my least favorite thing about the holidays. But my favorite? I LOVE wrapping presents! And not just in gift bags either, give me the real deal—pretty wrapping paper, ribbons and bows, and all the sparkly stuff! What’s your favorite way to wrap gifts? Just a few links for you this week, along with this week’s beauty question…

Question of the Week: Name your three favorite beauty products that released in 2011.

Answer: This is a toughie! Just three products? SHEESH! Well, first place goes to Benefit’s Bella Bamba powder. I receive compliments on how great my skin looks every time I wear it, it’s the perfect blush for me. In second place, it would be a very recent addition the the beauty world, Revlon’s ColorBurst Lip Butters. If you don’t own at least one, make it your mission to score one of the 20 shades, if not two! They keep my lips moist and the shades are gorgeous. (I’ve been wearing the Berry Smoothie shade quite a bit lately.) Certainly not least, my third favorite product this year would be Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Mascara. It does AMAZING things to my lashes, and I love it. You’ve got to see the before & after here. Any faves for you this year?

we heart this – Stef, a bona fide gold gloss junkie, finds a new favorite marching by in MAC’s Ice Parade (and discovered some great gifts to boot!)

Beauty Junkies Unite – Win one of Amber’s favorite holiday gifts, an Urban Decay Mariposa Palette. We have five you can win!

Clumps of Mascara – gets super personal and talks about why going to the gynecologist is so important.

Gouldylox Reviews – wonders if you really can buy glasses online? It’s seems difficult, but they are so cheap, how can you not try? Gouldylox navigates the waters for you, but first, needs your help selecting the right pair. Take a look and vote!

Nouveau Cheap – gives you a sneak peek at the 2012 COVERGIRL products that will hit stores in January.

Prime Beauty suffers from red lipstick phobia, poor dear. Her solution and yours too? Five sheer red lipsticks that are perfect for scaredy cats!