I Can Die Now. I’ve Had a Visit From the Old Spice MANta Claus!

I never would have believed this in a million years if you told me this was going to happen. I’m serious. LOVE to Old Spice for all the laughs! This will go down in @beautyjunkies history!

  • http://RiseandShineBeauty.blogspot.com Aneela

    Verily, you are blessed! Congrats!

  • http://weheartthis.com Stef | we heart this

    Oh. My. God. How did this happen?! All kinds of awesome.

  • Amber

    I have NO idea, Stef! LOL

  • Ter

    Oh Holy Night! I sure hope he delivers those necklace shoes PERSONALLY! Xoxo

  • Amber

    I know, Ter! I can’t wait for these “lady shoes”!

  • Crissy K

    lol amazing. I want one of those bear deodorant protectors

  • shauna

    Hahaha, that’s too funny! Good for you! Do you get the shoes?!

  • http://www.clumpsofmascara.com Brittany

    This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Hilarious!