Review & Swatches: Stila Dream in Full Color Palette for Holiday 2011

A take on last year’s Color Wheel Palette for the holidays from Stila—you’ll find the Dream in Full Color Palette ready for gifting for 2011. With some aesthetic differences, new shades, and a few bonuses—I actually prefer Dream in Full Color. Let’s see why!


Dream in Full Color is complete with 29 eyeshadow shades, seven blushes, and one full-size Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Stingray. (Love the Smudge Sticks!) 

Also included is a small lookbook with color how-tos for 12 different eye looks. I think these books are so helpful! Sometimes, when faced with a palette of this size, one can feel a little overwhelmed with the colors and not really know where to start. The looks are nearly endless with this palette, but 12 looks is a great place to start! One of the things that makes me really love this palette is, Stila recently introduced a free app that coincides with it—Color Me Stila. This gives you the ability to check out a variety of looks on the app too!

Shades included:


Kitten, Inspire, Stargaze, Sky Blue, Twilight, Ebony, Espresso, Infinite, Fable, Delight, Muse, Lottery, Imagine, Mystical, Peace, Dream, Oasis, Surreal, Twig, Copper, Mirage, Vision, Whimsy, Reverie, Rosie, Cassis, Supernatural, Wisteria, and Dreamcatcher.


Tickle, Bud, Fairy, Sizzle, Coral, Cozy, and Raspberry.

Dream in Full Color is about seven inches in diameter, and has a snap lid. You’ll find that the case/lid is only attached by one hinge, so please be careful with it, otherwise it could break. It seems fairly sturdy, but I know that I can be extremely clumsy—I drop and break things like this all the time.

Eyeshadow swatches…

Thoughts on the eyeshadows: There are some really stunning shades that have perfect pigment payoff within the larger parts of the kaleidoscope. The smaller shades (closest to Kitten in the center) are a little bit harder to get into because the wells are so small. All of the swatches were completed without any eyeshadow primer, so it’s easy to see that there are some strong shades within all 29 colors. For the most part, I find the quality to be consistent with the exception of a few of the mattes, and the smaller ones I couldn’t really get an applicator into. Maybe those smaller wells should be reserved for darker, more pigmented shades that can be used as eyeliners too, since the brushes used for that are smaller.

Blush swatches…

Thoughts on the blushes: These shades are very versatile, yet mostly soft and lean on the cool side. They’re a little pink-heavy, and that’s a blessing and a curse! I tend to reach for more pink tones, so it’s perfect for me—but someone else may differ. What would make this perfect in my opinion, is the reduction of one of the pinks to make space for a pale highlight color for cheek contour.

Bottom Line: This is a versatile gift that you could give almost anyone who wears makeup. Though this isn’t pro-friendly (the size makes it difficult), anyone who oohs & ahhs over eyeshadow will love to receive this. At $39, each pan breaks down to .92 cents a shade—and that’s not including the full-size Waterproof Smudge Stick (which usually retails for $20 alone). There are a few minor issues, but they can be easily overlooked considering the value.

Price & Availability: $39, Sephora and

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  • katie

    The actual palette itself is pretty! I’m impressed.

  • Lumi

    The palette is so pretty to look at!
    Thanks for all the swatches. ^^