Review & Swatches: Zoya Fleck Effects Collection for Spring 2012

I don’t own many flakie polishes yet, but you’ll find them from several brands this year if you haven’t already! Zoya is releasing three special effect nail polishes of their own on 1/10/12, the Fleck Effects Collection. These are pretty blingin’ when placed over dark base shades, but I don’t know if I’d personally recommend wearing them solo. They might seem a little washed out when you do, but that’s not to say that you can’t wear them alone!

What makes these pretty different from traditional glitters, is that they contain a special mylar flect glitter—suspended in a slightly tinted base. These make PHENOMENAL top coats over deep shades; like black, dark blues, purples, and burgundies. Even though I’ve swatched them over black in the photos below, you’ll have fun experimenting with different base shades. Each one will give them a new life.

I found that two of the shades were somewhat similar—Maisie and Opal—while the third shade, Chloe really stood out on its own. You may also find that when placed over your own base shade, your tint will slightly differ than what I’ve shown you with my swatches, since I can really only hold them in one angle in the swatches (and I’ve swatched them over a basic black polish). They really dance around when the light reflects on them, so with each movement, you’ll see subtle differences on your own nails than what I’ve shown here.

More photos and swatches…

Opal contains blue and green flakie mylar glitter, suspended in a green glaze. I really like the glaze formula of all three, I thought they were all super easy to apply. Zoya seems to consistently wow me with the flow of their polishes, they lay down like a dream. I pretty much find that the brand beats out most other prestige polish brands in that area.

Maisie contains blue and green flakies of mylar glitter, suspended in a blue glaze. It is very similar to Opal, especially over black—but to my eyes, it seems like this is more of an aqua blue with a tad of green. Again, you’ll notice subtle differences when you move your hands, and your resulting shade will also depend on what dark base you place underneath it.

Chloe contains a really interesting blend of red, orange, gold, and pink flakie mylar glitter suspended in a pink glaze. It’s super fiery and just stunning. I was really surprised to see such warm tones pop out of a pink glaze, but it makes things kind of interesting!

Bottom Line: If you like to experiment to achieve special effects on your nails, these are a good buy. They’ll also be great at bringing some of your older nail polishes back to life with a special 3D look.

Price & Availability: $8 each;, professional salons and beauty supply stores (after 1/10/12)

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  • Beth O

    Love these! The colors are gorgeous and the glitter is perfect! Can’t wait to use them to bring new life to my darker polishes!

  • Amber

    You’ll really have fun experimenting, Beth!

  • samantha

    ooo i am going to have to get me some of these polishes

  • April

    Gorgeous! I really think I have to have Chloe…it’s SO pretty! :))

  • Barb S.

    I bought the set of three when they came out, but haven’t got around to using them yet. Your post gave me a definitely idea to layer them over a dark polish!