Review & Swatches: Too Faced Natural Radiance Face Palette for Spring 2012

Nothing looks better for spring than a fresh face, and Too Faced just released a palette that makes it easy to get the look. Bypass heavy color and caked-on looks for their Natural Radiance Face Palette, a handy kit that contains concealer, luminizer, blushes, and a fab sun-kissed bronzer. Pair it up with Too Faced’s new Tinted Beauty Balm, and you’re set for an entire season of looking gorgeous!

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What’s inside…

  • Bronze Veil — golden bronze bronzer
  • Powder Blush — luminous peachy-pink
  • Crème Blush — creamy rose
  • Concealer — creamy concealer for light-to-medium skin tones
  • Luminizer — universal cream luminizer
  • Brightener — creamy brightener for light-to-medium skin tones

Crème Blush

Powder Blush

Concealer, Luminizer, Brightener

The products are housed in a nice and sturdy mirrored palette that has a magnetic closure. Also enclosed are three ‘get the look’ cards to help with proper placement of the products to achieve your desired result.


Top to bottom: brightener, luminizer, concealer, powder blush, crème blush, bronzer

All of the products worked really well—all six were surprisingly for me, considering I usually don’t like every single thing in a palette! (Or things are just all wrong for my fair skin.) The powder blush is a shining star in this, it’s just a gorgeous shade that doesn’t fade away at all during the day. If there’s one thing I could change about this collection, it would be the fact that it’s only available with one shade of concealer and brightener. What about the other beauty junkies who’d love the convenience of having everything handy for a naturally radiant complexion in one kit?

On the other hand, I do have to say that the consistency of the concealer and crème blush is pretty dreamy! While the concealer doesn’t offer heavy-duty coverage, it’s the perfect consistency for minor things you’d like to cover.

Bottom Line: These essentials will help deliver a fresh, warm glow to the skin and should work for light-to-medium skin tones.

Price & Availability: $39, and

An editorial sample was provided by the company and evaluated to determine our opinion of the product in this post. Please see the Disclosures page for further information regarding our policies for using editorial samples.
  • Emi at Project Swatch

    This looks really great in terms of each individual product, but I don’t usually have much luck with palettes that mix cream and powder products – I always end up with power in the creams. This one is just so pretty though! I’m tempted.

  • Vanessa

    Yay! Finally a review. I’ve been eyeing this pallete and the ‘Natural at Night’ palette for a while. Now I’m a little weary since it worked for you if it will work for me. I have a deep complextion. None the less, I’m sure the quality was there. Thanks!

  • Summer

    This is a great palette, I’ll have to pick this up when I see it! I think it’ll be great for travelling x

  • Amber

    Very good point Emi!

  • Ariana

    I know this is irrelevant, but weren’t there two people behind Too Faced cosmetics at one point?

  • Amber

    Hi Ariana, to my knowledge it’s always been Jerrod Blandino.

  • Makedupbeautifully

    I love those colors!! im going shopping.

  • Heather

    I really like the palette, but I must say, I find the concealer way too dark form my light skin. I must be even paler than you are, lol! Anyway, I have to use a light touch with the bronzer and creme blush in particular, but I do like it. I used all 3 cards of tutorials included with the kit. I did the Supermodel Sculpt first, and it was a major failure. I even thought I might have to send the palette back at first. Luckily, both of the other 2 work well. I still need practice to perfect it, and I have to use a different concealer which is annoying, but overall I am pretty happy!