Review & Swatches: Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker pH Powdered Blush & Bronzer

Whew! So many new products lately from Physicians Formula, that I’ve struggled with where to begin! Earlier this week, you had a look at the new Bronze Booster Season-to-Season bronzer, and it fared pretty well. Also in their complexion category, you’ll find the new pH Matchmaker pH Powdered Blushes and Bronzers. I tried them out this week and wanted to share them because they’re kind of unique.

pH Matchmaker is a collection of products (there are also lipglosses, review forthcoming) that have a fluorescein-based dye in the pigments. This is supposed to sense the pH level of your skin and self-adjust the pigments to reveal a flattering color that suits your skin tone within 60 seconds. While I’m not entirely sold on this concept, I am starting to see it more and more in blushes. (Last year, Stila launched a similar product.)

I have my own theory on this; the skin naturally has a pH of 4.4-5.5 on the pH scale, which makes it slightly acidic. It also doesn’t have much room to move up and down the scale—unless you’ve just washed your face, applied a toner, etc (and then it reverts back to its normal pH within a short time period). So in my mind, I don’t think there’s the ability for these blushes and bronzers to self-adjust in a major way and dramatically shift colors. They didn’t really show a noticeable change for me—the changes I saw when I wore these products were very subtle. But how it worked on me may be different for you. It’s a good thing for me that these blushes and bronzers have more going on than just the promise of pH activated pigments!

Flip the switch to the right of the mirror to enable LED lights.

For starters, check out the compact component. On the inside, you’ll find two LED lights and a mirror with the product. Those tiny lights are bright! See the small black switch on the right? You’ll need to manually turn it on and off, as opening the compact doesn’t activate the light, so also remember to turn it off when finished. There’s also a compartment under the pan which contains a small blush brush.

There are two blush shades (Natural and Rose), and two bronzer shades available (Light Bronzer and Bronzer) in the pH Matchmaker collection. In terms of the quality of the products, I’m happy to say that they don’t disappoint! Both feel like velvet and are a breeze to blend. They also lasted all day without any fading, and the soft pearl finish really looks flattering on the skin. I felt like all four of these were a good fit for my skin tone, but my favorite is definitely the Rose blush. You’ll notice the little silver dots, and those are just over-spray—so they won’t last for long.



Light Bronzer




Bottom Line…

Even though I only noticed a very slight difference in two of the shades (Light bronzer, and Natural blush), I still think both the bronzers and blushes are pretty flattering. They’re super smooth, blend easily, and wear all day.

Price & Availability…

pH Powdered Blush is $12.95, pH Powdered Bronzer is $14.95; drugstores

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