Review & Swatches: essie Resort Collection for 2012

I’m easily lured in by a great jewel tone, and lucky for me—essie’s Resort Collection for 2012 has two of them! I know we’ve covered a lot of nail polish in the past week, and I sincerely apologize if it seems like this is becoming a polish-only blog and is of no interest to you. There have just been so many new releases to show you lately, it’s been kind of hard to space them out! This collection was launched last month, so I wanted to make sure you had a chance to check out out if you haven’t already. Let’s go!

Comprised of four shades, Resort for 2012 combines the luxe looks of pale shimmer with rich jewel tones. These really are two vastly contrasting concepts, but somehow, I think essie pulls it off here.

Sure Shot

Sure Shot is a medium magenta glimmer with a little bit of fuchsia flash. It’s truly stunning in-person, make sure you check it out if you don’t already have a similar shade.

See swatches and details…  

No More Film

No More Film is a deep violet creme that borderlines on an inky blue. I think it actually looks more violet in-person than in the photo. If you’ve seen this or own it, can you confirm that? It’s so funny how we all perceive color!


Pink-a-Boo is a pale, milky pink with opalescent micro-glitter. The finish is actually quite sheer, but didn’t look right after two coats (in my very humble opinion), so you’ll see the swatches are with three coats instead. There weren’t any major application issues, but it will have some slight balding (like most pale shades) if you press the brush down too hard when swiping it across your nail.

She’s Picture Perfect

She’s Picture Perfect is an iridescent lilac with an opaque base. Of the bunch, I felt this one had the most consistent flow. It leveled out very nicely and was easy to work with!

Will you pick up any of these new essie shades? Tell us!

Price & Availability…

$8 each, in salons and beauty destinations nationwide

An editorial sample was provided by the company and evaluated to determine our opinion of the product in this post. Please see the Disclosures page for further information regarding our policies for using editorial samples.
  • Kim in VA

    Ohh, they’re all lovely! I think Sure Shot would look great on my toes and Pink-a-Boo on my nails. I’ll have to get these asap. I’m also planning to pick up Turquoise & Caicos, a gorgeous aqua color. Love the blog! :-)

  • Amber

    Thanks for coming by, Kim!

  • Stacie

    I am loving the pink and lilac but I DO NOT need any more polishes in those shades lol……..

    Ok…. Maybe I do 😉

  • Amber

    I know, Stacy! I know!

  • Rebecca Bostwick

    These aren’t shades that I would have thought to put together in the same collection, but somehow they work quite well together. Essie nails it again!

  • Ter

    Your swatches are the BEST….EVER,Sweetie. Much love to you xo

  • Amber

    Thanks, Ter! I’m doing everything I can to keep improving them for you guys! It’s so good to hear I’m finally on the right path :)

  • Michelle

    I hardly ever write comments but wanted to thank you for all the nail polish pics ! I just saw this collection today at CVS and was unsure now i have to run back! Lol But thanks for the awesome pictures and the hard work in swatches!

  • Amber

    Glad to help, Michelle!

  • Amaris

    I love Sure Shot and No More Film! I love how the names relate to cameras and photography :)

  • Kate

    No More Film reminds me of Bobbing for Baubles but I think No More Film is more inky indigo while Bobbing for Baubles is more of a dusty tealed navy.  These are all very pretty and I think they can be mixed and matched so easily for mani/pedis.  I also love the variety of finishes on these!  Thank you so much for these beautiful swatches.  Your swatches are always so perfect:)

  • Amber

    Thank you so much, Kate!