Review & Swatches: Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm

Are you old enough to remember jelly shoes? I’m not talking about the cute designer ones that are out now, I’m talking about the original, bottoms-so-thin-your-soles-burn-on-a-hot-day kind from the 80’s. I probably had a dozen pairs, and I don’t know what ever possessed me to think that I could play kickball in them in the fifth grade. They led to a lot of stubbed toes, and they broke ALL THE TIME. And I can’t forget, jelly bracelets! The more the better. I can’t recall when was the last time I owned anything jelly besides a nail polish, until now. Clarins has these groovy jelly-like lippies called Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm, and they’re just as cool as jelly shoes were in the 80’s!

I gravitated towards them almost immediately, there’s something about them that just screams my name—much like my ill-fated jelly shoes. Luckily, I think these will be sticking around much longer. Check ’em out!

What Clarins says…

Clarins famous Instant Smooth technology is incorporated into these new crystal balms to smooth, shape, and plump lips. A new generation formula delivers the colour of a lipstick, the transparency of a gloss, and the comfort of a lip balm.

These are just getting more appealing by the minute! As part of the Enchanted collection, the Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balms are available in four shades; Crystal Pink, Crystal Coral, Crystal Violet, and Crystal Red

Crystal Violet, Crystal Pink, Crystal Coral, and Crystal Red

I expected these to have a squishy texture, but they pretty much felt like a lipstick as they slid across my lips. The shades were surprisingly transparent, but pretty nonetheless. I’ve only worn one of the shades all day so far (Crystal Coral), and I liked the way it looked and felt. They have a slight juicy fragrance, but I find it to be pretty subtle—and they didn’t have much of a taste either. These also make my lips feel comfortable and moist.


Top to bottom: Crystal Coral, Crystal Red, Crystal Violet, Crystal Pink

Bottom Line..

Admittedly, these are a little pricey for something that’s considered a lip balm, but I still think they’re pretty dang cool. The texture is nice and smooth, with a sheer kiss of color. If you’re looking for something with a lot of intensity, these won’t be a good fit—but for anyone who likes the idea of brights (but not necessarily on them), the Crystal Coral and Crystal Pink will be your best bet.

Price & Availability…

$24.50 each,

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