Review & Swatches: Thakoon for NARS Nail Collection

Cosmetic brands have long employed celebrities to collaborate with them on new collections, but fashion designers are hot on their heels! Known for his ability to create edgy, modern designs that are effortlessly feminine with vintage flair, Thakoon worked closely with NARS to create this line of six vibrant polish shades for summer. Inspired by all of the bold colors you would spot in an Indian spice market, this limited-edition Thakoon for NARS Collection will definitely be noticed!

  • Anardana – Azalea pink*
  • Ratin Jot – Orchid purple
  • Amchoor – Bright yellow
  • Kutki – Powder blue
  • Koliary – Cyan blue*
  • Lal Mirchi – Mandarin red* (Available exclusively at NARS’ 413 Bleecker St. Boutique)

*Not reviewed

While I may not have the entire collection to share with you, I’m going to show you my three favorite shades.

Top: Amchoor, Left: Kutki, Right: Ratin Jot

More photos, swatches, and details…

Ratin Jot is an orchid creme that was easy to apply. I was able to get full coverage with one coat (which I thought was amazing), and the consistency was just perfect.

Kutki is described as a powder blue creme. This one also had the perfect opacity, and the consistency was a little thicker than Ratin Jot.

Amchoor is a sunshine yellow creme, and it was a little more challenging to work with. I thought the consistency was a little on the thicker side, and it also took me two coats with a thin third coat to achieve complete coverage. Out of curiosity—why is it that I always have problems with yellow nail polish? I can never seem to apply it neatly. Hmm…maybe it’s not the nail polish, afterall!

Bottom Line…

I felt the quality in the Thakoon for NARS Collection was there—these dry down to a glossy finish and are Big 3 free. If you made me pick a favorite, I would have to say it’s Kutki!

Price & Availability…

$18 each—, Sephora, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Saks

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