Review & Swatches: essie ‘Bikini So Teeny’ Collection for Summer 2012

The latest polish collection from essie for summer 2012, Bikini So Teeny, is a nice departure from all of the brights and neons we’re seeing so far this season! Even though most of these are variations of brights, a few of them have a slightly muted, dusty quality to them that I really like (and two of them are even shimmers). Will you feel the same? There’s only one way to find out…check out the review, photos, and swatches! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts…

Bikini So Teeny, Mojito Madness, Fear or Desire

Off the Shoulder, Cascade Cool, All Tied Up

 More photos, swatches, and details…


(All swatches completed with two coats of nail color and one coat of top coat.)

Bikini So Teeny is a slightly shimmering cornflower blue. It was so hard to capture on camera, but there’s a very delicate sparkle to it that makes it a little more special than if this had been a creme shade.

Off the Shoulder is a medium hot pink creme; not quite bubblegum pink—but not quite Barbie pink either!

Mojito Madness is my favorite! It’s a medium lime green creme, but it’s not too bright. In the bottle, there are slightly dusty mint elements to it that tone it down.

Fear or Desire is the color of an orange Crush soda to me, but since it’s a creme—it seems a little more on the muted-side than most of the oranges I’m seeing out there for the season. Perhaps this is a little more wearable for the masses? You tell me! Thoughts?

All Tied Up is a pretty interesting addition to the essie summer collection in my opinion. It’s a rusty bronze with a touch of golden shimmer, but it almost has rose-like tones in it that prevent it from being too warm. Very unassuming in the bottle, but very pretty on the nails!

Cascade Cool is a pale pink creme (a little lilac undertone there), but what makes it pretty unique to me, is its slightly cool-toned dusty quality. The right mixture of intensity, with a little bit of a funky dusky finish.

Will you pick up any of these new essie shades? Tell us in the comments!

Price & Availability…

$8 each,, salons and beauty destinations nationwide

An editorial sample was provided by the company and evaluated to determine our opinion of the product in this post. Please see the Disclosures page for further information regarding our policies for using editorial samples.
  • Katie

    I might have to check out the All Tied Up. So pretty!

  • http://facebook jodie

    omg love all the colors…

  • Lindsay

    I was SURE I was going to hate All Tied Up…. but I LOVE it on you. I can’t wait to try it out now. As always, great swatches.

  • Amber

    XO to you, Lindsay! Thanks doll! I’m learning the hard way…never judge a polish in the bottle…LOL!

  • beachgal

    Great swatches/photos. Thanks.

  • Amber

    Thank you, Beachgal!

  • Beauty By Krystal

    All Tied Up looks so pretty!

  • Amber

    Hey Beauty By Krystal—the color is a nice surprise, isn’t it?

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  • sbs.1956

    I love these, especially the blue one and All Tied Up. I just wish they were a tad less expensive (even though they really are worth it!) ^.^

  • Amber

    Wow, those two are popular so far! I think Essie sells a mini cube with four small bottles that’s much cheaper but I can’t remember which shades are inside!

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  • Kristen

    Yes…I want Bikini So Teeny, All Tied up, Mojito  Madness and Cascade Cool :)  

  • Deeejayd

    Lovely colours, All Tied Up looks just like OPI’s Goulda Gouda Two Shoes; gold flecks included LOL

  • Amber

    You’re absolutely right! Great eye ;)

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  • TiffanyLynn88

    Off the Shoulder is the only one I think I’ll get from this collection.

  • Shelby Swatches

    I have Bikini so Teeny and Mojito Madness, but I may need to pick up Off the Shoulder and Cascade Cool :)