Review & Swatches: Too Faced Perfect Lips Lip Liner in Perfect Pink, Nude, Spice, & Red

I rarely cover lip liners, my lovelies. Often, they’re just not for me, and if they’re not for me—I can’t exactly be very helpful to you sometimes. But hand to heart, these new Perfect Lips Lip Liners from Too Faced are making me rethink my lip liner phobia in a major way. Yes, yes. I, of all people have been wearing these lately, and here’s the Perfect Lips scoop!

What Too Faced Says…

  • Define and prime to keep your lips perfectly pretty! A twist-up tip always stays sharp for perfecting lip shape while its infusion of priming properties ensures that lipsticks and glosses wear longer.

More To Love…

  • Perfect Lip Definition: Lips have better definition with twist up tip that never needs sharpening and comfortable gel grip makes it easy to hold a steady line for perfect lip shaping.
  • Primes & Lines: Lipsticks and glosses wear better, and with richer, longer-lasting color that won’t fade or feather.
  • Compatible Colors: Each of the 4 perfect lip liners were created to suit a wide range of lip colors so shades are always perfectly blended.

While I wish I could I could bust these myths from my much-loved Jerrod Blandino here, I totally agree! He’s been proving me wrong lately, left and right—and I truly respect him for it.

Perfect Nude, Perfect Spice, Perfect Red, Perfect Pink

  • Perfect Nude — light rose (repackage)
  • Perfect Spice — dusty rose (new)
  • Perfect Pink — bright pink (new)
  • Perfect Red — rich red (new)

More photos, swatches, and details…

If you’re an owner of any of the new La Crème lip colors from Too Faced, you’re in luck! Because these are perfect to match with your fave shades of La Créme. And if you don’t own La Créme, that’s okay! The Perfect Lips shades are so neutral that they’re very versatile and will work great with most other lippies (even glosses) that you wear. But what a minute. You really should own at least ONE La Créme shade anyway! If not, you really, really should check out my recent review for them here. But back to Perfect Lips

I found perfect matches for all of these liners in my own lippie collection, and it was a piece of cake. For example; these were so versatile, that they were great (and quick) Too Faced La Créme matches. But there are more matches where these came from:

Perfect Pink — Razzle Dazzle Rose, Fuchsia Shock
Perfect Red — Stiletto Red
Perfect Nude — Naughty Nude, Nude Beach, Toasted Mauve, In The Buff, Naked Dolly (Spice Spice Baby works great here too.)
Perfect Spice — Cinnamon Kiss, Spice Spice Baby, Sweet Maple

Spice, Pink, Nude, Red


Nude, Spice, Pink, Red

Bottom Line…

I’m typically not a lip liner gal at all! I actually prefer clear lip liners, like Too Faced’s own Borderline pencil. These however, ROCK. They’re smooth, creamy, not the slightest bit waxy, and they don’t leave that hard tell-tale line of demarcation around my lips. None of them lean too cool or too warm, so they’ll match a wide variety of lip colors! In doubt? Go with Perfect Lips in Perfect Nude. It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with that shade!

Price & Availability…

$17 each—

An editorial sample was provided by the company and evaluated to determine our opinion of the product in this post. Please see the Disclosures page for further information regarding our policies for using editorial samples.
  • Lindsay

    I must admit, I am falling for lip liners myself! (are we getting old?) haha. I love the Dior one. 

  • Amber

    Haha! I haven’t purchased a lip liner in only heaven knows when! Now I’ll be using these and looking for others! We are *gulp* getting older. But we’re fabulous! LOL

  • Liz

    I’m so glad you did this review..I’ve been looking for a new lip liner since I lost my go-to one :(  Sephora lip liners are way too waxy for my taste and don’t really glide on.

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  • Anna Ho

    I love lip liners to shade my lips in!