Review & Swatches: Zoya Gloss Sheer Jelly Collection for NYFW 2012

Zoya really went out of their way for fall, creating THREE collections inspired by New York Fashion Week this year. I may not be an avid follower of NYFW, but I am an avid Zoya fan, so I had to get my paws on all three collections. The first up is the Gloss Collection. Gloss contains three jellies—with one of the shades being a custom shade for designer Peter Som.

I will say this—jellies are not for everyone! While these are buildable (I used three coats in the swatches), jellies in general are very sheer. They’re kind of like painting your nails with watercolors, and you can see your nail line. The finish has that squishy kind of look to it, and I know everyone has different feelings about them. I am glad however, that Zoya took this leap and experimented with these in a smaller collection. So let’s check ’em out!

Katherine, Frida, Paloma

See swatches and details…

Katherine (Peter Som custom shade) is a sheer aubergine jelly gloss.

Frida is a sheer teal-blue jelly gloss.

Paloma is a sheer berry red jelly gloss.

The formula when working with these, has a different flow than when you’re working with a traditional polish finish. These reminded me of a very thin syrup, in which you couldn’t overwork them, and had to let them dry for a little bit in between coats to avoid some dragging. It wasn’t hard to do, don’t get me wrong! But I just wanted to give you the heads up that these aren’t the kind of shades you can just slap on your nails really quickly. Two coats looked just okay when I finished, so I added a third which made me like them a lot more.

How do you feel about jelly polishes?

Bottom Line…

While these won’t be for everyone, they’re a little different—and often, different is good! I’ll be rocking Frida on my nails at some point this fall for sure. Make sure you don’t try to overwork these. Work in thinner coats and give a little more dry time between them, and you should be set. I like three coats for these jellies best.

Price & Availability…

$8 each,

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  • María Nieto Oliver

    I love Frida! I actually bought it on Ebay for a very low price, and I’m so glad I did, because it’s just the kind of colour I like for fall!