Who Knew There Were So Many Beauty Do’s & Don’ts For Olympic Gymnasts?

Photo: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

If you haven’t been completely captivated by The Fab Five yet, you don’t know what you are missing. Last night, Gabby Douglas made us so proud when she took gold in the Women’s All-Around Olympic Gymnastics competition, and I don’t think she could be more deserving! This 16 year-old is also the first woman of color to earn the title, and only the fourth U.S. gymnast in Olympic history to take gold in the event. She has so much to celebrate! Along with Gabby, Aly Raisman, Kyla Ross, Jordyn Wieber, and McKayla Maroney have become America’s sweethearts—and rightfully so. Their tireless training and hard work has come to fruition, and they deserve every moment of glory they can handle.

One thing I noticed though, was so much commentary on social networks about their hair and makeup. I thought to myself, these ladies are athletes—why is this such an issue? As it turns out, there are very strict guidelines when it comes to the U.S. gymnasts’ appearances and grooming for an Olympic competition.

Check out these guidelines straight from the USA Gymnastics 2011-2012 Women’s Program Rules. As for Jordyn Wieber and Gabby Douglas—they’re P&G Beauty Ambassadors, so I think they’ve probably considered a few of the accompanying beauty do’s from P&G. For the record, I don’t think any of these ladies need to change a single thing! All they needed to show up with were their winning smiles. Done.

Rule 1: Hair should be off of face and neck and pulled back into bun or French braid.

Don’t: Let your hairstyle obscure your vision. 
Do: Slick back your hair with Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Silky Moisture Whip! This product’s precise blend of “super moisturizers” holds hair in a silky smooth do for up to 48 hours.

Rule 2: Deductions for any nail polish worn on fingers or toes.

Don’t: Cause an infraction from a more subtle beauty ritual.
Do: Instead of nails, have fun with makeup and play up your eyes with COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume Mascara for thick, full and smudge proof lashes!

Rule 3: Be well groomed in appearance.

Don’t: Let sweating issues hold you back—a gymnast can lose up to four liters of fluid in a 4-hour practice without even realizing it!
Do: Apply Secret Outlast Sport for wetness protection for up to 48 hours.

Rule 4: Must wear a team leotard, along with coordinating warm-up suit.

Don’t: Let a uniform stifle your individuality.
Do: Be Bold. Stand out with vibrant locks by utilizing Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Color Blend Foam for a single step, on-the-go hair color.

Rule 5: No jewelry, with the exception of one pair of stud earrings. All other piercing should be removed, not just covered with tape.

Don’t: Rely on baubles to sparkle.
Do: Show off a glimmering grin with Crest 3D White Whitestrips.

Rule 6: Be present at the site of the meet for sufficient warm-up.

Don’t: Avoid stretching before and after a meet.
Do: Massage sore muscles with Olay Luscious Embrace Massaging Body Bar. The light fragrance helps to relax after a big competition.

We haven’t seen the last of these ladies, and I look forward to seeing their successes for many years to come.

*Jordyn Wieber photo: Toshifumi Kitamura/AFP/Getty Images

  • http://www.facebook.com/maclothier Ann Clothier

    I can understand all the rules and regulations except one – why can’t they paint their nails? I can see where some of the other issues might affect their performance, but that one?  Anyhoo….I thought they were great! Anyone who would criticize or pick on these girls for the way they look during the competition has a major problem.   

  • shrona

    I wonder if the nail polish rule is for medical reasons. They don’t let you wear nail polish when you’re having surgery because there is some way your nails show if you’re getting enough oxygen or something like that (obviously I’m no medical pro or I’d know more details)

  • Scullen

    Sounds like P&G sponsored them. LOL