Review: bareMinerals READY Foundation SPF 20

As a bareMinerals fan, I was so incredibly excited when I first learned that the rumors of a solid mineral foundation were true. Don’t get me wrong—I love my original bareMinerals foundation as much as the day is long—but I think a solid version is just so much more convenient for me personally. I had wondered if this would be the same foundation as the original, only in pressed form, and as it turns out, it’s not. It’s a brand new formula with new features and benefits, so let’s explore the new READY Foundation SPF 20!

bareMinerals READY Foundation SPF 20 in Medium Beige

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I’ve been wearing this consistently for a little under two weeks now, and I’ve discovered that READY seems to run a little lighter in terms of shade conversion. For instance—I wear either Fair or Fairly Light in the original foundation, depending on the time of the year. When I went in for my ‘foundation fitting’ a few weeks ago, I was matched to Fairly Light, and it looked good on my skin. I tend to wear bronzer, blush, highlighter, and all that jazz on my skin when I do full makeup. (Which made Fairly Light look great.) But there are plenty of times when I just want to even out my skin tone a little bit and go on about my day, without bronzer, etc. The first time I did that, I thought Fairly Light looked a little too light all on its own. I happen to have a press sample of Medium Beige, so I thought—what the heck? I tried it out, and it worked! So I realized, with READY, I’ll need to toggle between Fairly Light and Medium Beige depending on the time of the year.

READY Foundation SPF 20 in Medium Beige

Another thing I noticed was the finish. READY has a nice luminous finish that looks beautiful on the skin. While READY is totally buildable, I tend to like wearing it in the medium coverage range. It blends in with my skin tone, looks naturally luminous, and I can’t believe this—but it does an amazing job at controlling the excess oil in my t-zone. The oil breakthrough during the day for me is pretty minimal. While I don’t really think it’s meant to be an oil-control/mattifying foundation, I think the addition of hydrating ingredients totally helps my skin regulate moisture. Thus keeping excess oil in check, instead of having a ton of mattifying ingredients.

Touching on the moisture benefits, bareMinerals claims that wearing READY can increase hydration levels in the skin up to 108% after 12 hours of wear, due to their SeaNutritive Mineral Complex formula that contains humic acid and mineral-encapsulated glycerin. I honestly have no way of confirming the 108% claim as fact, but I will say that I feel like this prevents my skin from looking dry in the drier areas (I have combination skin), and it actually looks better on my skin the longer that I wear it. It doesn’t crack, separate, or look dry. And like any foundation, I think it looks better with primer, but if I had to, I feel confident that I could skip it and be okay for most of the day.

With the READY launch, there are two new brushes. The technique is a little different with this formula. You may be used to the swirl, tap, buff method—but you’ll want to press, tap, buff with READY. These are the Precision Face Brushes; one has a long handle, and the other is retractable. The bristles are soft and synthetic, and are cut on a bias. When I press it into the solid foundation, the bristles pick up plenty of product, so there’s no need to swirl or go too crazy. One thing I found is that it can get quite powdery if you swirl it, so I definitely recommend pressing the brush into the product. I have tried this with my regular Full Flawless Face Brush, and I thought it made the product a little too powdery since it takes a little more effort to pick it up evenly on the brush. I definitely like the Precision Face Brush for READY best.

bareMinerals Precision Face Brushes

I recommend going into a Bare Escentuals boutique (if you have one nearby) so you can receive a ‘foundation fitting’. They’ll be hosting 1,500 of these events through October to coincide with the launch. They’re also holding these events at other bareMinerals retailers, but I just love the boutique experience since the employees there are such bareMinerals experts. Check out for more details and locations.

Inactive ingredients (Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are the active sunscreen ingredients.)

Bottom Line…

With beautiful, luminous coverage, skincare benefits, and in convenient solid form, I’m a fan of bareMinerals READY Foundation SPF 20. It’s different than the original formula, so make sure you get color matched!

Price & Availability…

READY Foundation SPF 20—$29, Precision Face Brushes—$28 & $22 (retractable);,,

An editorial sample was provided by the company and evaluated to determine our opinion of the product in this post. Please see the Disclosures page for further information regarding our policies for using editorial samples.
  • beachgal

    Tons of changes in the BE line since they sold to Shedio…not a fan at all of what the Ready line is done to the eye shadows – they are all too frosty now. I have tons of old loose BE foundations to use up and not wearing it much as it settles into my lines now that I am older – I only wear it rarely these days. I have other brands of pressed mineral foundation and don’t really like them – so won’t be trying BE’s formulation of this.

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  • Amber

    I totally understand!

  • Lulillan75

    I love BE! I use it over other liquid foundation for that extra little coverage and “glow”. Just love it! I will try this when it comes to Sweden… whenever that may be! :-)

  • Olivia Frescura

    Love this foundation- I’m in the shade “fairly light”! The brushes are awesome too.

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  • Amber

     I totally understand!

  • Amber

     I like how soft the brushes are!

  • Amber

    You’ll definitely get a little more “glow” with this one! It looks really flattering :)