Review & Swatches: Too Faced Sweet Indulgences Palette for Holiday 2012

‘Tis the season for blockbuster beauty palettes! And starting the season off with a bang, right out of the gate this year is Too Faced. The Sweet Indulgences Palette is one of the key pieces from Too Faced’s Love Sweet Love Collection for holiday 2012. Tucked inside a decorative embossed pink tin that resembles a fancy chocolate box, you’ll find an array of Too Faced best-sellers and exclusives for eyes and face.

Let’s take a closer look inside Sweet Indulgence…

Too Faced Sweet Indulgence Palette

Inside the keepsake tin, you’ll find two removable trays. The first layer contains 16 eyeshadows, while the bottom layer contains two bronzers, two blushes, a Candlelight Glow highlighter, a Teddy Bear Hair eyeshadow brush, three get-the-look cards, and a full-size Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer (one of my favorite eyeshadow primers, ever). Now we’re talkin’! 


  • In the Buff — matte ivory
  • Peach Fuzz — peach with golden shimmer
  • Marshmallow — warm white shimmer
  • Lovey Dovey — sable brown shimmer
  • Copper Peony — copper sun
  • Teddy Bear — milk chocolate matte
  • Gum Drop — frosted pink with silver shimmer
  • Malted Milk Ball — taupe shimmer
  • Satin Sheets — shimmering golden soft pink
  • Nice Stems! — golden clover
  • Nice Ash — blue-grey shimmer
  • Cherry Cola — glimmering wine with shimmer
  • Honeymoon — pale golden metallic shimmer
  • Pastille — emerald green with silver shimmer
  • Cop a Teal — peacock blue
  • Black Sugar — matte black with multi-color shimmer


  • Exclusive Bronzer/Sun Bunny Light


  • La Vie en Rose (bright bubblegum pink)/Papa Don’t Peach (warm peach)


  • Candlelight Glow — golden highlighter that adds a warm, back-lit glow to the skin


  • full size Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer
  • dual-ended Teddy Bear Hair eyeshadow brush
  • three how-to cards to create pink chocolate, rock candy, and brown sugar looks

Sweet Indulgence exterior

When it comes to the quality of the palette, Too Faced’s Jerrod Blandino brought up a really interesting point. Some of my fellow lovely bloggers and I had the chance to hang out with him and get a personal introduction to Love Sweet Love by Jerrod himself last week. (He is a RIOT as you may have suspected!)

With that, have you ever noticed that you’ve purchased a monster blockbuster palette in the past from one of your favorite brands around holiday time, but when you got it home, the pigments fell flat? It’s becoming more and more commonplace for brands to lessen the quality of their products (especially eyeshadows) during this time of year in order to create those incredible deals when it comes to the products inside of special edition palettes. I can’t tell you how many times I thought I was getting X, when I really got Z—it can be really disappointing. It’s also one of the reasons I gave palettes up around the holidays for a very long time.

Jerrod promises that we’ll always find the quality of Too Faced’s products to be consistent year-round, meaning he doesn’t lessen the quality of the products or alter their formulations when they’re placed inside of palettes and special kits. So if you think you’re buying a Too Faced eyeshadow palette, you’re REALLY buying Too Faced eyeshadows. Not watered-down, look-alike, wannabe shades with lackluster pigment payoff. I thought that was an interesting tidbit of info, and I wanted to share it with you.

palettes are removable from tin

Shadow Insurance, How-To Cards, Teddy Bear Hair Eyeshadow Brush

Exclusive Bronzer, Sun Bunny Light

La Vie en Rose, Papa Don’t Peach

The blushes and bronzers are surprisingly pigmented as well, just look at those swatches:

Exclusive Bronzer, Sun Bunny Light, La Vie en Rose Blush, Papa Don’t Peach Blush, Candlelight Glow

Sweet Indulgence Eyeshadow Palette

Easily my favorite part about Sweet Indulgences, is the eyeshadow selection. The quality remains consistent across the board here; they’re all smooth and velvety, with maximum pigment saturation. You’ll find the lighter shades don’t show up as well up against my fair skin in the swatches, but that can’t really be helped. I did experience a little bit of fallout with Gum Drop, Pastille, and Cherry Cola, but it was nothing too out of the ordinary.

In the Buff, Peach Fuzz, Marshmallow, Lovey Dovey

Copper Peony, Teddy Bear, Gum Drop, Malted Milk Ball

Satin Sheets, Nice Stems!, Nice Ash, Cherry Cola

Honeymoon, Pastille, Cop a Teal, Black Sugar

Being such a large palette, both in size and composition, I think Sweet Indulgences is done really well, but it’s a little on the bulky side. If you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of space to dedicate to your makeup collection, that may be an issue. If you’re someone who likes to display your worldly goods out on your vanity however, you’re in luck! There are some special goodies inside this pretty pink tin, and it will look awfully cute and shabby chic while sitting out on display.

Bottom Line…

At $52 for over $350 worth of product, this is a steal! The eyeshadows are the same Too Faced quality I know and love (no shortcuts here), and the extras like a full size Shadow Insurance and Teddy Bear Hair eyeshadow brush just sweeten the deal. If there were one thing I could change however, it would be the bulk of the palette/tin. I can see myself trying to de-pot all of the pans in the very near future to conserve valuable space in my makeup stash.

Price & Availability…

$52, Sephora &

An editorial sample was provided by the company and evaluated to determine our opinion of the product in this post. Please see the Disclosures page for further information regarding our policies for using editorial samples.
  • inhermakeupbag

    Satin Sheets!! I may have to get this just so I have a backup of one of my favorite Too Faced shades. Everything looks so pigmented and lovely!

  • Mariposa Maquillage Angelique

    I love Too Faced and this is my 3rd year collecting their holiday palettes!! They are sooooo adorab and make me feel like a girl. The quality is spot on!! Thanks for the amazing review and swatches!! Love your blog!!

  • Amber

    Thank you :)

  • Amber

    I appreciate you stopping by!

  • Amber

    I couldn’t have said it any better!

  • Anne

    the pigmentation looks awesome and i love gum drop

  • Amber

    It’s so pretty! There’s a little more shimmer in it than the camera picked up, but it’s still nice :)

  • Lana

    I was iffy about this color selection but seeing it on you I now have so many combo ideas, Im geeting it now

  • beautybabbling

    This is a nice looking palette. My main complaint (and the reason it never got close to my Christmas wishlist) is that 10 of the shadow shades are repeats from last year’s palette. I also hate Peach Fuzz with a passion. It isn’t pigmented at all, and they seem to throw it into every palette (their version of Midnight Cowboy Rides Again). I would agree about the rest of the shades being nicely pigmented and good quality though.

  • Amber

    I never thought of Peach Fuzz as their MCRA, but I totally see that!

  • Amber

    So glad to help you!

  • Sue- Makeupmew

    Worth every penny considering the full tube of shadow insurance and cute brush attached. I like the colors on this palette, so it’s pretty much ll you need this season.

  • Sarah Kauffman

    Great post!