Review & Swatches: Jane Iredale Cherish Lip Fixation for the ‘Rise Above With Love’ Campaign

Your kisser can make a difference in the lives of women affected by breast cancer!

I know October is drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean that breast cancer awareness has to end there. I tried out a product from Jane Iredale that will give 100% of profits from its purchase to the Living Beyond Breast Cancer organization for an entire year (while the product supplies last). LBBC has been supported by Jane Iredale for five years, and this year’s product to support the cause is Cherish Lip Fixation.

‘Rise Above With Love’ Campaign Lip Fixation in Cherish

Cherish Lip Fixation is a two-in-one lip color, with a stain on one end, and a gloss on the other. You can wear separately, or together—but I found product performance was best with the gloss layered over the stain. The stain is a slightly frosty, shimmering medium pink, and the gloss is nearly translucent, which twinkles for a pretty effect.

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Lip Fixation & cosmetic bag

Cherish Lip Fixation also arrived with a cute pouch/cosmetic bag that is constructed of 80% post-consumer recycled material. It has pink trim with a frosted vinyl finish, and two dazzling, dangling high heel charms. The bag isn’t large, but it’s a great size to pop other lip colors into, and throw in your purse.

Unlike a lot of duo lip stain/gloss products I have, Cherish Lip Fixation took it easy on my lips and didn’t dry them out or make my lips feel like there was a thick film on them. I can feel a little something there, but the gloss feels pretty comfortable over the stain, and not like my lips are going to stick together. While I wouldn’t say that this stain is high-performance or extraordinarily long-lasting (in comparison to a pro performance brand), it did last long enough to meet my personal “stain” criteria. It’s a soft, pretty pink and the color itself stuck around for four hours before I reapplied the stain. The gloss didn’t last nearly as long, but that’s to be expected—so I just touched up the gloss when needed.

Cherish Lip Fixation stain

Cherish Lip Fixation gloss


Cherish Lip Fixation

Cherish Lip Fixation

Bottom Line…

A flattering shade of pink for a great cause! While the gloss transferred to beverages immediately, the stain left only a small trace behind and lasted beautifully for 4 hours before I decided it was time to reapply. I’m not sure how the other shades of Lip Fixation perform, so I can’t speak for any of them yet. I think this shade is delicate enough that when it does start to fade, it doesn’t look terrible between applications—versus being up against stains that are darker in color and more apparent.

Price & Availability…

100% of profits from the sale of this product are donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, which empowers all women affected by breast cancer to live as long as possible with the best quality of life.


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  • Moxie Reviews™

    I love the color, and think it’s wonderful that all the profits go to the Organization!

  • Amber

    I think it’s such an important cause! Thanks for stopping by :)