Review: Abreva Conceal Invisible Cold Sore Patch

If you’ve ever suffered the embarrassment of having a cold sore, you know that tinge of panic you have when you feel the first tingles of an impending outbreak. I hate to say it—but during times of high stress and illness—I too, have my share of cold sores. I’m so ashamed of them, that I practically hide out for 5-7 days until they heal. It’s really not a practical solution, because even with medication, you still have to wait it out. Thankfully, Abreva just released a total game-changer, and I no longer have to hide.

Abreva Conceal

Abreva Conceal is an innovative, non-medicated clear patch that covers and protects cold sores, so that you may apply cosmetics over them to hide your cold sore. The patch creates a protective barrier that allows air in with MicroAir technology, while keeping contaminants out, for up to eight hours. When correctly applied, the Abreva Conceal patch is nearly invisible and mimics the skin as it moves. It’s very lightweight and flexible, and after a few minutes of wearing it, I forget that it’s even there at all. While my trial run didn’t last eight hours, it did last for six before the edges slightly lifted, and even that surprised me. 

Since these are completely non-medicated, they’re non-irritating, and you can even wear them on your lips under lip color. You’ll want to avoid using Abreva Conceal on the area where your top and bottom lips meet, it will prevent the patch from slipping during the day while you eat and drink. But the patch is pretty easy to apply and durable, otherwise. The patch will remove easily if moistened, and lifted slowly when you’re ready to take it off.

(Since I don’t have a cold sore, I’ve used a red marker for illustrative purposes.)

(Aside from cropping & re-sizing, these photos have not been altered in any way.)

 How to apply…

  1. Clean and dry the area where the patch will go.
  2. Apply the Abreva Conceal patch. Hold in place for 15-20 seconds, then gently pull away at the applicator tab at a slight angle.
  3. Apply concealer.
  4. Apply foundation. (I applied both concealer & foundation; but you can do both, or omit one of these steps based on your personal makeup preference.
  5. Finish up with lip color. You can use lip liner, lipstick, lipgloss, etc., as long as you’re gentle during application!

My test run with the Abreva Conceal Invisible Cold Sore Patch went pretty well! The photos above are shot in macro, so it will actually look less apparent than it does in close-ups. I think the key during application is pressing your makeup onto it with a makeup sponge for better coverage, and less tell-tale signs.

Bottom Line…

My application technique could definitely use some finessing, but I think these are a great way to help conceal an embarrassing cold sore. I’ll make sure to press some powder into it better during the real thing, to help conceal just a tad more, and blend out the corners of the patch.

Price & Availability…

About $17.99 (for 6), drugstores

From Abreva:

Abreva Conceal is a clean, non-medicated patch for cold sores that allows air in, yet protective enough to keep contaminants out.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Abreva via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Abreva.
  • Joanna

    This is a very interesting product. I just wish it was medicated to help treat the spot as well.

  • Amber

    I’m wondering if they’ll release something like that in the future, because it would be ideal–I agree!

  • lola

    i don’t believe in this product.

    If someone uses this and turns their contagious herpes ‘invisible’ and then does something as simple as share a drink with someone, that unsuspecting friend/partner will become infected with herpes, which is what cold sores are. If it is going to be sold, this prosthetic should come with a pamphlet explaining to herpes type 1 positive people how to prevent the spread of the disease and how to treat it.