Review: Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil & The Cleanser

Amber asked me to check out Indie Lee’s The Cleanser and Squalane Facial Oil because she knows that:

1.) I am a total natural products kind of girl, and;


Needless to say, these products did not disappoint.

First, a little background on Indie Lee herself—she suffered from a near-fatal brain tumor. She wondered if some of the ingredients in her beauty products could have contributed to her health scare, so when she awoke from surgery in 2009, she decided to start producing a line of beauty products that don’t contain harmful additives or chemicals. In the last few years, I’ve been paying more and more attention to ingredients in my beauty products as well—you can never be too sure. So I appreciate her approach on beauty.

I opened The Cleanser, and it immediately took me back to the third grade to my Barbie Spa Bath. It was this bathtub for Barbie that came with a little button you pumped to create suds in her bathtub. It even came with a big bottle of Barbie bubble bath to put in it. I thought this was kind of weird, but the familiar fragrance made me eager to try it.

Instructions say you can use it as a make-up remover or cleanser, just apply it to a cotton ball to remove eye make-up. I tried it both ways and it did a really good job of getting rid of my mascara and eyeliner and left no residue. After a cool water rinse, my skin was clean and refreshed. I did a quick glance at the ingredients list and realized what made me think of my Barbie bath. Indie Lee cleanser contains strawberry oil! While it smells like subtle breeze from heaven, it’s a gentle water-based facial cleanser for any skin type.

The Squalane Facial Oil is, well, squalane oil. (A naturally occurring oil that moisturizes all skin types.) I’ve tried several different variations of squalane oil and can’t tell too many differences in them except I know enough to classify them as either “good squalane oil” or “other”. “Good squalane oil” is usually derived from olive oil. It absorbs really nicely into the skin, leaves no residue, has no fragrance and is so lightweight it’s almost easy to lose track of it. “Other” squalane oil can be derived from rice bran, wheat germ or other vegetables. I really don’t prefer these types. They feel a bit heavier, almost oily. Kudos to Indie Lee for making her Squalane Facial Oil from olive oil—it is great!

(Editor’s note: I’m crazy over squalane oil too! I find that it’s a fantastic hydrator that brings a little “glow” factor to my face. It’s one of those miracle products that has been shown to boost cellular respiration in the skin. Amazing since its composition is so simple! –Amber)

All in all, I really like this line. My only qualm is I didn’t get to try more products!

Bottom Line…

Whether you’re a beauty buff or an eco-friendly fan, this is a great skin care line for anybody…or any body.

Price & Availability…

The Cleanser—$32, Squalane Facial Oil—$32,

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