Review & Swatches: tarte ‘Eye Catchers’ 6-piece smolderEYES Collector’s Set for Holiday 2012

New from tarte for the holidays, this is a six-piece gift set of their famous smolderEYES eyeliners—the Eye Catchers Collector’s Set. Inside, you find five gorgeous shades of the original smolderEYES waterproof jumbo eyeliners and one skinny smolderEYES liner in Onyx. The smolderEYES formula is one of the better liner/cream shadow pencil formulas I’ve tried, as it’s a multi-tasking product that you can wear as an eyeliner, or even all over the eyelid as an eyeshadow color. On the end of the pencils, there’s a sponge smudger that helps you smoke out the liner, or just slightly soften the edges. I’m all about ease of use in my products, and it doesn’t get any easier than these.

tarte smolderEYES

So what’s this Amazonian clay stuff?

tarte uses Amazonian clay in several of their award-winning products because it’s such an efficient multi-tasker! This clay is loaded with skin loving nutrients that really balance. Gathered from the basin of the Amazon River, the clay is naturally baked in the sun on the river banks, where the nutrients are in their highest concentration. tarte shaves the Amazonian clay down, milling it until it’s extremely fine. It’s then put into products like the smolderEYES liners and the Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushes, where it acts to balance surface oils in the skin, while still hydrating to give the skin an overall smooth surface. 

tarte smolderEYES

smolderEYES pencils are super creamy, almost buttery, and glide across the lash line and eyelids with ease. Because of the Amazonian clay, these are great for eyelids with excess oil. All six shades are new in the smolderEYES family, and I hope they’re here to stay because they’re really fantastic and versatile hues. The pigments stay true and stay put, and I’m so glad—because I can’t stand wimpy color!

You’ll need a standard jumbo liner to shave the larger pencils, and a regular pencil sharpener will handle your skinny smolderEYES pencil. And I can’t forget—the Onyx shade is REALLY black—one of the blackest, truest blacks I’ve seen!

tarte smolderEYES — Champagne, Gunmetal, Ash Violet, Rainforest Black, Gold


Champagne, Gunmetal, Ash Violet, Rainforest Black, Gold, Onyx (skinny smolderEYES)

Bottom Line…

This gift set from tarte deserve a perfect score! Not only are these eyeliners long lasting and beautifully pigmented, but they break down to just $6.50 a pencil. Run, do not walk for this one!

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