The COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss Challenge: Part 2

Did it stay brilliant?

Remember last week when I told you I was taking the COVERGIRL 7 day Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss challenge? Well, time is up! It’s time to see how my nails held up during a week of typing, errands, and housework.

Just to recap…

Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss is a new nail polish collection from COVERGIRL that promises up to 7 days of glossy color, without the use of a top coat. It’s an ambitious claim, because I always have to use top coat—or my nails don’t stand a chance against chipping and dulling signs of wear within a day or two of application. The first 15 shades were launched last week at select retailers, with an additional 30 shades on the way in January 2013. Since they have great opacity and dry quickly, these are ideal for nail art and quick polish changes!


Applying Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss is a breeze—the formula is neither too thick or thin, and two coats give high-impact color and coverage. I decided to wear a base coat for the challenge, but you can probably skip the top coat like COVERGIRL promises. Especially since I still had a somewhat glossy finish after a week of beating my nails up around the house! The real signs of wear and tear were more evident on day 4—which given the circumstances of not using a top coat is still very impressive. A little chipping became more evident on day 5, and it increased a little more over the last two days of the challenge.

While my nails didn’t escape completely unscathed, some nails survived better than others after seven days. I think this is a great formula for a mass brand, and I can’t believe that I could really skip the top coat. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t get away with this with a few other polish brands I own.

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Price & Availability…

About $5.49 each; select drugstores and mass retailers on November 1st (15 shades), nationwide in January 2013 (30 additional shades).

  • April Yedinak

    Thanks for doing this and showing the photos. I always wonder about these claims. My daughter is very into doing her nails and this looks like something I will pick up for her.

  • Suzanne Sicuranza

    Love to see this post! I will be getting Vio-Last as soon as I can. The other colors are a little less exciting for me though. I’ll be curious about the extra that come out later though. Thanks again!

  • Jen Flowers

    Thanks for doing the 7 day test and swatches! Today I bought Toasted Almond at CVS. I like that it’s darker and has more impact than Smokey Taupe. I’m thinking of buying another color. Will you do another review for the 30 colors coming out in January?

  • Amber

    Good choice! Such a pretty color :) I probably won’t swatch all 30, but I’ll see what I can get my hands on for an update! xo

  • Jen Flowers

    Looking forward to it! :)