Review & Swatches: L’Oréal Paris Project Runway “Electric Fantasie” Collection Colour Riche Nail Colors

If you haven’t spied the L’Oréal Paris Project Runway “Electric Fantasie” Collection in your drugstores yet—hunt it down! My local CVS recently put it out, but I’ve heard of stores having it way back in September…so hop to it! There’s a phenomenal range of eyeshadow quads, blushes, lip colors, nail appliques (the new Colour Riche Nail Lingerie!), and limited edition Colour Riche nail polishes. I’m still making my way through the colorful collection, but wanted to share the Colour Riche Nail Colors with you, because there are several not to be missed!

Colour Riche Nail Colors from the Project Runway “Electric Fantasie” Collection

My past experiences with L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Nail Color have been very favorable. While I haven’t had these shades in my possession long enough to test wear, I can tell you that over the summer I wore a few of the Colour Riche shades without incident. With a base coat and top coat, I can get by three to four days before truly obvious signs of wear set in—and for me it’s nothing short of a miracle. I’ve stretched the wear to five days, but in all honesty, that’s when I call it quits with almost any nail polish (unless it’s a gel) out of personal preference.

Let’s take a closer look at the shades and swatches!

The Muse’s Inspiration, The Queen’s Might, The Queen’s Ambition

 The Muse’s Attitude, The Mystic’s Future, The Temptress’ Power

The Muse’s Attitude is an absolutely stunning shade. In the bottle, it appears more on the teal side, with a slightly violet duo-chrome shift—but on the nail it’s more of an emerald with less teal and no real duo-chrome apparent. It has a gorgeous glow-factor, and I highly recommend this one from the collection. In terms of coverage, I used two very generous coats in the swatches—but please don’t be surprised should you need a thin third for full coverage.

The Queen’s Might is a shimmering raspberry shade that I think looks totally different in the bottle than it does on the nails! It seems almost cranberry with a little bit of pearly shimmer in the bottle, but definitely translates more pink on the nail with a slight glowing finish. This seems sheer with one coat, but two coats levels nicely and covers well.

The Queen’s Ambition is just WOW to me. While it may seem like your basic black with silver shimmer, you have to see this one on your nails to fully appreciate its true beauty. The silver particles vary in size, and lend to a gorgeous dazzling effect. I achieved full coverage in two coats with this one, and highly recommend!

The Muse’s Inspiration is a burnished orange with a subtle glow factor. It’s slightly more warm that the oranges we saw for spring and summer—so this is a nice update on the popular shade. I achieved complete opacity with two coats, and this is an easy one to work with.

The Mystic’s Future is just another WOW shade for me. This glowing amethyst completely rocks my world! To my eyes, it has an orchid-magenta glow factor that just makes it truly phenomenal when certain lighting hits it. The only issue is that you may require a thin third coat.

The Temptress’ Power was a really interesting one for me. It’s somewhat a shimmering blush/champagne, but then takes on an opalescent color-shifting factor that makes it hard to pin down. (Some may even see hints of lime and aqua in there!) Surprisingly, given it’s pale color, I did achieve decent coverage with this—but you still may see visible nail line.

Bottom Line…

Don’t wait to pick up your favorite shades off of the L’Oréal Paris Project Runway “Electric Fantasie” display, they won’t last long! (My CVS has them out now.) I personally wouldn’t pass up the opportunity for The Muse’s Attitude, The Queen’s Ambition, or The Mystic’s Future.

Price & Availability…

$5.99-$6.29 each, drugstores and

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  • Amanda Norris

    You need to try layering The Temptress’ Power. You will be astounded!

  • Amber

    Thank you, Amanda! I gave some thought to trying it over black, but ran out of time. Will do! Thanks for the reminder :) xo

  • Ann

    Great colors! I love Muse Attitude and Queen’s Ambition, but truly they’re all pretty. I love, love, love that the familiar drug store brands that we all know and love are stepping up their game in the nail polish department. I don’t want to pay $20 for high quality polish, and now…and don’t feel I have to!

  • Deanna G.

    That purple is to die for!

  • helvikene

    The Queen’s Ambition is amazing! I think i have to go to the store and buy it asap.