The Lipstick League: Week of 11/12/12

Hey lovelies! Hope you’ve had a stellar weekend! I know I usually chit chat about fun stuff in this section for the week, but I really want to send out a gentle reminder about those less fortunate, as we go into the week of Thanksgiving. I hope this doesn’t sound preachy, but helping those less fortunate is something I’m very passionate about. I know I am VERY blessed and fortunate for all that I have, and I always try to “pay it forward”, especially during this time of year.

You might remember the Twitter chat I told you about with the hashtag #BetterTogether, last week. The purpose was to inspire everyone to help the hungry in small ways this holiday season—in an initiative to feed over 2 million people, by Unilever and Feeding America. (Coincidentally in that chat, I won 500 meals for the hungry—donated in my name—just for tweeting during the chat. And I’d do it again, in a HEART BEAT.) You wouldn’t believe what little helps—and it goes beyond donating money. How about donating a few unexpired items from your pantry that you picked up, but later decided you just weren’t feeling them for dinner, after all? Even donating an inexpensive bag of rice or beans into those donation boxes that retailers often have out during this time of year helps, BIG TIME.

I made a non-perishable grocery run this week for my local food bank, and if you’d like to do the same—please check out Feeding America’s list of food banks. (You can find one by putting in your zip code.) Thanks for considering it guys, it means a lot to me!


Question of the week: What beauty item(s) are you most happy to have purchased before it was discontinued?

Answer: Eek! In recent memory—I don’t recall anything! But what’s funny is, when Max Factor stopped distribution in the U.S. a few years ago, I had people emailing me left and right asking me how to get their mascaras and Pan-Stik. People were offering to buy any that even I might have! (I didn’t happen to have any, and nope! I’d NEVER sell an editorial sample.)

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