Quick Sneak Peek: Benefit Cosmetics Fine-One-One Sheer Brightening Color for Cheeks & Lips

STOP! You have the right to get gorgeous…

Someone called Fine-One-One on your gorgeousness, and I think it was Benefit. They’re releasing this new sheer cream color/brightening stick for cheeks and lips, and they’re trying to pin you as the perfect perp. The plot thickens!

The skinny…

With three shades; pink champagne (brightening), sheer watermelon, and soft coral (color & contour), Fine-One-One is a push-up stick that looks good enough to eat. But don’t! Swipe it across your cheeks and blend upwards with the tips of your fingers for a softened look with a touch of shimmer on your cheekbones for a little lift. Or…pick your poison and apply a shade or two on your lips. 

I see my work is done here, there’s no beauty emergency—you’re already F-I-N-E FINE.

soft coral, sheer watermelon, pink champagne


This little ditty will be available in December 2012 for $30, at all the usual suspects—Sephora, benefitcosmetics.com, etc.

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  • OPI Addict

    great review :) I haven’t heard of this product before, it looks really interesting!

  • http://twitter.com/mcmakeupmaven Ann

    Wow! You got the jump on this one! I haven’t seen this anywhere before. Kudos! This looks very interesting…especially for someone like me who has such a hard time with contouring. This takes the guess work out of it. I think I might pop into the store and check it out before I buy though. I could see this being a disaster if I don’t have someone give me some hands one training!

  • http://beautyjunkiesunite.com/ Amber

    Thanks, Ann! It’s consistency is a little bit stiffer than something like a Tarte cheek stain stick, but it does warm nicely on the skin. The key with this one will be to glide it on in a single swipe, and blend upwards so that the highlight sits in the right place. I haven’t been able to wear it all day yet (and everything is melting off of me in the kitchen today). So I’ll fully check it out over the weekend!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509473139 Celine Anne

    Yes, I was just going to say that it looks quite stiff, almost like that of a chapstick. It almost looks like if you were to push down too hard, it would wreck it but it’s hard to tell what something is like from a picture. Is this the same idea as their lip and cheek tints? I have the cha cha cha tint, and I love it! I also think this one would be hard to use on your lips if you only wanted one shade. Since I love my cheek tint, I wouldn’t buy this but I can see this as being another option if someone didn’t like those cheek tints. Benefit always comes out with neat stuff!

  • http://beautyjunkiesunite.com/ Amber

    Yeah–it’s definitely a little stiffer, but much creamier than a chapstick–so that’s a good thing. Since there’s a little retractable knob at the bottom, I don’t think it’s too hard to get back down as long as you don’t extend it too much while using. I’d say they’re like a creamier version of the liquid tints, but very loosely. :)

  • http://www.boutiquebaglady.com/ Faye- Boutique Bag Lady

    Fine One One looks great on your skin.

  • http://beautyjunkiesunite.com/ Amber

    Thank you!