Review: Ratio Skincare Oxygenating Face Wash

You had me at “oxygenating”…

If there’s one thing in skincare that makes me absolutely batty, it’s an ill-performing facial wash. Give me a zit, here and there, and I’ll deal. But a facial cleanser that leaves a grimy film behind, or just feels weird isn’t for me. I typically prefer things that slightly foam, have antioxidants of some sort, and contain soothing, aromatic ingredients like lavender. Luckily for me, the Ratio Skincare Oxygenating Face Wash I just used for two weeks delivered on all three. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take creamier facial cleansers if they get the job done. But there’s something about the lure of foam.

In that case, Ratio had me at “oxygenating”.

Ratio is a skincare line from Dr. Andrew Ordon, and his partner, Dr. Ritu Chopra. The former of the duo you may recognize from the television show, “The Doctors”, but I tried really hard not to let that sway me one way or the other. I like Dr. Ordon, and I enjoy how the show breaks down the most complicated medical mysteries into versions I can understand—but I really wanted to ignore that as I went into it.

From Ratio Skincare…

The golden ratio is an organic constant found in nature. It is visible in the perfect lines of a nautilus shell. The human body is the most beautiful example of the mathematical proportions defined by this and a glance at the palm of your hand will provide proof. Great works of genius, such as the Mona Lisa or the Taj Mahal, could not have been created without an understanding of this calculated symmetry.

Dr. Andrew Ordon, co-host of the Emmy-award winning show, “The Doctors,” and his partner Dr. Ritu Chopra, have taken inspiration from this golden ratio to create a revolutionary blend of eastern and western ingredients for the ultimate balance in anti-aging skincare products.

Hmm. Interesting (and cool) philosophy.

The skinny…

Ratio Oxygenating Face Wash dispenses as a gel-like cleanser that generously foams when water activated, and has a lovely lavender fragrance. One thing I noticed, is that my tube seemed to bulge a little bit when sitting upright which results in a little bit of product waste, since it gathers around the flip top cap. I don’t know if it’s like this due to the oxygenating ingredients or not—but I almost wonder if a pump dispenser would be a better container for this product.

product consistency

I like how clean this gets my skin, but I have to admit that even with combination skin, my cheeks feel a little tight for a few minutes after using. It’s nothing terrible, but I just wanted to make a note of that. Ratio states that this is good for all skin types, but in my experience, perhaps those with very dry skin may wish to steer clear and opt for something more hydrating. If you’re someone who suffers from a lot of congestion in the skin and is slightly oily, this is probably a good choice for a cleanser.

Bottom Line…

I feel like this makes my skin super clean, with just a little bit of tightness on my cheeks on my combination skin—which lessens after a few minutes. Overall, I like the cleanser’s water-activated foaming abilities and inclusion of pore-purifying ingredients. I haven’t tried this with the entire Ratio skincare range, so I can’t really speak to any anti-aging claims within the collection.

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