Out & About: Facial Bungalow in West Hollywood

I’ve had many, many facials in Los Angeles—and I’ve also reviewed several estheticians in the area with whom I’ve been impressed with. Some are great with extractions, some may have used a special technique or two, while others have been very tranquil. I may have even been very enthusiastic about their skill level. But I recently had a facial with Trina Renea at Facial Bungalow in West Hollywood, and I was completely blown away.

Trina Renea is in a word, incredible. She is so deeply passionate about skincare that she does not want to miss a single detail! She sat down with me at a quaint table in the facial room for a complete consultation, which made me feel incredibly comfortable—and the situation less clinical. I can’t remember in recent memory, any esthetician that didn’t plop me on their table, turn on the light, and THEN ask me what was going on. Trina gave an extremely thorough and personal consultation before we even got started. She pays attention to detail unlike anyone in the business I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.

Not only is it important for a skincare expert to be passionate, but the skill level has to match. Trina is extensively informed; having studied cosmetic chemistry, and she’s even developed her own line of products, Trina Renea Skincare.  

And my facial? Arguably, among THE BEST I’ve received in Los Angeles, without hesitation! Trina utilized some unique techniques to calm the inflammation in my skin both during my facial and after, to ensure I left glowing, and not red. SUCCESS! She took such care in calming the inflammation, that I had to ask her about her process. She took care with my skin, that no other local esthetician has ever taken.

Even after an intensive enzyme peel and a thorough round of pore de-gunking extractions, my skin was surprisingly calm. A week later, I was still receiving compliments on how impeccable my skin looked. Some of these compliments were coming from the most discerning of beauty editors in the biz.

In a facial, we as estheticians are there to exfoliate and extract your skin. This process can leave your skin red and irritated, which is why a lot of people avoid facials. My goal is to minimize redness before you ever leave the salon. I want you to look more radiant than when you walked in. I do all my inflammatory procedures at the beginning of the facial and then spend the remainder of the time cooling and calming down your skin. I want you to look smooth, buffed and polished with the perfect healthy glow. A facial is meant to be pleasant and make your skin look better. This is what I feel I have achieved with all my estheticians at the Facial Bungalow. — Trina Renea

Facial Bungalow is tucked away in a secret location not visible by street, so that even the most famous celeb clientele can sneak right in and out of Trina’s expert hands. You would never guess that there was a little beauty oasis tucked inside this bungalow location, but I highly recommend making the discovery.

Facial Bungalow
7931 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 570-2664

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