Sneak Peek: Urban Decay NAKED Basics Eyeshadow Palette

Just the basics, please!

I have GREAT news for Urban Decay NAKED fans! On 11/29, Urban Decay will release their NAKED Basics Palette with six perfectly neutral shades of shadow for fans of mattes. YAY! I know I’m one of them, as I’ve been toting around my Walk of Shame eyeshadow single and love that it’s now available in a palette with five other matte NAKED-worthy shades.

This palm-sized palette has a soft touch, suede-like texture on the exterior and also holds a mirror, with six shades (0.05 US oz each). If an eye full of matte (one is demi-matte) NAKED shades isn’t practical for you, I think it’s nice to have all the basics in one place—to complement virtually any look you might be doing with other colors.

Urban Decay NAKED Basics Palette

The shade breakdown…

  • Venus — soft, off-white demi-matte
  • Foxy — very light yellow/beige matte
  • Walk of Shame — very light pinky nude matte
  • NAKED2 — rosy taupe matte
  • Faint — warm, dusty brown matte
  • Crave — deepest, darkest brown/black matte

NAKED Basics includes four totally new and exclusive shades.

See more photos, swatches, and details…

Urban Decay NAKED Basics

Urban Decay NAKED Basics shades


Venus, Foxy, Walk of Shame, Naked2, Faint, Crave


While I haven’t had a lot of time to wear all of these, I can say that I’m very familiar with Walk of Shame and Foxy—both shades I’ve previously adored. The quality of the rest of the shades seem up to par with the Urban Decay eyeshadows I know and love; velvety soft to the touch, with a rich amount of pigment payoff. I think NAKED Basics could be the start of a new branch on the NAKED family tree!

Are you picking up Urban Decay’s new Naked Basics Palette?

Price & Availability…

$27; Available 11/29 on—then will be released on,,, and (Release dates are at the discretion of each individual retailer.)

An editorial sample was provided by the company and evaluated to determine our opinion of the product in this post. Please see the Disclosures page for further information regarding our policies for using editorial samples. This post may contain an affiliate link.
  • Marie

    Might have to be my first Naked palette from UD!

  • waymire

    Hmm.. wonder if these would be easier on my eyes? The UD shadows I have tried in the past just kill them. I would have preferred one less pale shade and the addition of a nice cool taupey tone though.

  • Amber

    You mean that they’re irritating your eyes? It’s the same formula that’s in all of the new singles and the NAKED2 palette, if that helps at all! They switched to a new formula last year. Sorry to hear that they’re bothering your eyes!

  • waymire

    Yep.. they feel like they have salt in them the whole time I have it on.. and even for several hours after I take it off. I tried the new formula in Sin, got a sample at Sephora when it came out.. it was a little better but still bothered them. I’ve never used any of their matte colors though, I have the Ammo Box palette and I don’t think there are any mattes in there and of course Sin is a shimmer. It’s really strange because I have never had any other shadow affect me that way, from the cheapest drugstore to other high end brands.. and I have no problem with either UDPP or their liners. Maybe I will try another sample in a matte shade and then consider this palette. The price point is great, hopefully they will release other small palettes like this.. easier on the pocketbook for those who do not want to shell out $50 at a time and much more portable as well.

  • Amber

    I hope you can find a way to make them work!

  • V.A.

    This is great of someone who’s afraid to clunk down 50$ for a naked palette. I love that they’re all mattes!

  • Natosha Zachary

    I love these neutrals and the price is great.

  • Rachel Kearns

    I would have liked one of the three lighter shades replaced with buck as a transition between naked2 and faint.

  • Deb Scott

    I agree with Rachel K., Buck would have been a great addition, but overall it looks like a great palette and one I probably will be buying. Many of the UD palettes are way too shimmery/glittery lately for me and what I’ve bought I have passed on to my daughter. I love color, don’t get me wrong, but don’t like so much glitter and over-shimmer like they tend to do. I passed on the Naked 2, as it was too similar to Naked, and I had too many dupes to spend the money. This one, however, I think I will be purchasing! If they continue on this trend, they may get me back as a loyal customer, lol. :)

  • Ashley Noel

    i have the same problem – its the ingredient ‘mica’ in the shadows. which is usually a main ingredient in shimmery shadows. Mattes are much less irritating on my eyes

  • mm

    Heyy I was wondering since now this is out and I was thinking about buying Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral (also all matte) if you could do a comparison. I dont care about the price and I don’t need both, but a comparison to help me decide would be great!!!!

  • Amber

    I’m so sorry! I don’t currently have the SK Eye on Neutral palette :(

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  • Lana

    Very nice visible swatches

  • Amber

    glad they help! :) Thanks for stopping by!