Review & Swatches: MAC Cosmetics ‘Taste Temptation’ Collection

by Amber on November 30, 2012

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Coming soon from MAC, you’ll find the Taste Temptation Collection available online on December 6th, and in-stores on December 13th. It’s a pretty purple-centric collection, and a little on the smaller side—comprised of three Mattene Lipsticks, two Nail Lacquers, three Lipglass shades, an eyeshadow quad, two Fluidline colors, and two blushes. I’ve got a few of those pieces for you to check out, so let’s go!

MAC Taste Temptation Collection

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Taste Temptation Eyeshadow X 4

‘For Fun’ and ‘Blue Gaze’ Nail Lacquers

Taste Temptation Eyeshadow X 4

Look at the Eyes (f), Stay Sultry (s), Naval (v), Carbon (m)

Taste Temptation look

While pretty in concept, the Taste Temptation Eye Shadow X 4 palette doesn’t translate well in swatches or during application. This bums me out a little bit, because these are some of my favorite shades for green/hazel eyes, and Taste Temptation doesn’t deliver on quality or pigmentation. Sadly, I really had to work at it to get color payoff—so I can’t give this quad my stamp of approval. Sorry!

Blue Gaze Nail Lacquer

Blue Gaze Nail Lacquer

The Blue Gaze Nail Lacquer puts Taste Temptation back on the map, though! This inky periwinkle has a nearly flawless formula, with great even coverage in two coats.

For Fun Nail Lacquer

For Fun Nail Lacquer

For Fun is a rich, cool purple nail lacquer that required a thin third coat to even out. I like this one, but it lacked the quality of Blue Gaze. If I had to choose between the two, you know which one I’m going to pick!

Unconventional Blush (frost)

Passionately Tempted Blush (satin)

Passionately Tempted, Unconventional

Unconventional is a cool, shimmering lavender blush with excellent pigmentation and smoothness. Also delivering in the pigmentation department is Passionately Tempted, a magenta satin blush. Both will require a light hand during application!

Perky Lipglass

Perky Lipglass

Perky Lipglass

Perky is shimmering pale lilac Lipglass. You’re probably familiar with the Lipglass formula already , but just in case you’re not—it’s one of my favorite gloss formulas because of the staying power, but it does have a slight stickiness to it.

Night Blooming Mattene Lipstick

Night Blooming Mattene Lipstick

Night Blooming Mattene Lipstick

Aside from the Blue Gaze Nail Lacquer, Night Blooming Mattene Lipstick (mid-tone blue-based pink) is one of my must-have picks from the collection. The Mattene formula is incredible in my opinion; there’s a fantastic creaminess to them with excellent pigment payoff, and ample staying power without drying out my lips. It’s often hard to get rich, lasting color without drying my lips out in the process, so the Mattene Lipstick formula is a welcome addition to my makeup arsenal.

Bottom Line…

A gorgeous collection if you’re a purple/pink lover, but the Taste Temptation Eyeshadow Quad isn’t a good choice in my opinion. It lacks the texture and pigmentation I want in my shadows! Two key pieces I would recommend picking up—the Night Blooming Mattene Lipstick, and the Blue Gaze Nail Lacquer.

Price & Availability…

Available online at maccosmetics.com on December 6th. Available December 13, 2012 at all MAC locations (North America). Nail Lacquer—$16, Lipglass—$15, Mattene Lipstick—$15, Eyeshadow X 4—$40, Powder Blush—$20.

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    That lipstick seems like it really suits your skin tone :)

  • http://beautyjunkiesunite.com/ Amber

    Thanks, Celine! I really like it :)

  • Thania

    lovely! The mac nail colors look gorg!

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