Review: beautyADDICTS showOFF Mascara

This week, I’ve been trying out a mascara from beautyADDICTS, their showOFF Mascara. It promises to add volume, length, and curl, while conditioning the lashes with argan oil. I’m a fan of all of those things, so I was happy to give it a whirl!

beautyADDICTS showOFF Mascara

From beautyADDICTS…

Intense, dramatic lashes with one easy stroke! This unique formula offers volume, length and curl with Argan Oil to condition and protect. The curved brush hugs the natural eye shape to coat every lash while fanning and feathering. No clumps, no flakes, no smudges!

cool brush concept, slightly concave/curved, and then almost flat on one side for coverage

wand 1

initial product on the wand straight out of tube

wand 3

excess product at the base of the tube lip upon opening

The performance…

In complete honesty, once I took the wand out of the tube, I really wanted to dislike this mascara. I imagined it making a huge mess because it seems like there is a lot of excess product on the wand/brush. I wiped the brush with a paper towel, and went back for round two. I applied it on my lashes (bottom, then top), and I was AMAZED. I had curl, volume, definition, drama, and softness. It didn’t feel brittle on my lashes at all, and I even kept touching my lashes periodically throughout the day to see if I could get it to flake. Nope. No flakes either.

This fanned out my lashes and gave them life. I really enjoy wearing this mascara, but I could see where it could get a bad rap if someone isn’t patient with the brush once you take it out of the tube. The formula is very moist, so I’d recommend wiping the brush clean and starting from scratch to see if it helps—because that’s what works for me. It’s a little work, but given my “after” result, I’m willing to put in the extra elbow grease.



Bottom Line…

If it were not for the excess product on the brush, this mascara would be pretty darn perfect in my opinion, because it really gives me drama on my lashes, that naturally have none!

Price & Availability…


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    its amazing…